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Kihim Beach Road

Kihim beach road is in the Raigad region of Aligad and is area for numerous vacation resorts. This is also a week-end location of Mumbaikars and the main appeal this can be a Kihim Beach. It is a typical seaside with peaceful atmosphere due to less vrowd. The water is not to clear but you are able to jet skii here one of the activities. Picnics will also be great options whenever you come here.
Rashmi Sharma
On reaching our resort at around 1530 hrs we ordered refreshments to our pool facing room ...after eating we took a nap and headed to the Kihim beach ...A beautiful clean rocky beach welcomed us..we took a stroll on the beach ...captured the beauty of the moments ..We chose a good rock and left the baby their [under our watch off course :)] ...We also took a horse cart ride which the baby thoroughly enjoyed ...The beach also has water sport facilities - para gliding, water scooter..After our fun evening at the beach we returned to our room..The baby was tired and I put her to sleep..after this we enjoyed a game of foosball followed by cool beer and dinner by the pool..I ordered aloo parantha and curd for my baby ...In the morning we had breakfast, baby had paneer parantha and fruits...I also packed some cut fruits for our return journey..The resort was picturesque there were ample insta worthy spots, it had a pool table, badminton court, hammock..We reached back mumbai by 1500 hrs after a laid back and fun weekend.
Gunjan Deshmukh
It took us close to 3:30 hours to reach Alibaug. We headed straight to Kihim beach since kids were very eager to get in the sea. This is a nice beach where you can enjoy water sports, take a walk along the coast, or just sit on the shore observing waves. we tried the Banana boat ride, which basically is a long inflated tube boat towed by a motor boat. They took us some 30 meters in the sea. They asked us if we can swim as they flip the boat near shore and drop you in water. We told them not to do so.