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Vattakanal Falls

A very beautiful hill station just a couple of kilometres away from Kodaikanal, this is a place you can visit throughout the year. The temperature is low throughout the year and thus do not forget to carry warm clothes whenever you go there. The rocks and watchpoints here are places from where you will get the best views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. The main points here are the Dolphin's nose and the Suicide Point.
Gokul Saminathan
This may not be the 'faaalllls' one would expect, but there are very few that are as calming and soothing as this one. There were very few tourists here. We decided to ditch them and followed a trail that went downstream. We tried walking in the stream but the rocks were way too slippery. After a few minutes we were pretty sure that we were the only ones here. We took a detour into the woods and came back to a view that cannot be described in words(I'm giving it a shot though). Heaven!(Tip 4: Try to avoid walking on the rocks. They're extremely slippery. If you really have to, be careful when you do so.)
Tasmai Dave
Clouds! Greenery! Valley! These words are synonymous with Vattakanal. Also known as the Little Israel of India, Vattakanal is a small village close to it's more popular counterpart, Kodaikanal.Vattakanal is a tiny place but the major chunk of our "Kodaikanal experience" was thanks to this place. Vattakanal is an extremely peaceful place and is a getaway spot for everyone. Even your mobile phone cannot disturb your peace here. There is hardly any network connectivity here with most operators. It is the perfect place for one to bond with nature and their loved ones.
Your last stop on this incredible trail around south India ends at the hippie village of Vattakanal. The village lies at the very end of the historical hippie trail in India. Trek to the dolphin nose point and find the calm at this spot away from the city.
Chandrasekar RC
You are in Vattakanal once you see the Dolphin nose. You can refresh your stomach with food with road side vendor all along the way from the point.
Chandrasekar RC
Woke up early in morning and spent few quite hours in Echo point and Dolphin nose, as no was there. Place gets Crowder as time proceeds. Had our breakfast in Vattakanal and headed towards Kodaikanal.
Saumya Mishra
Vattakanal is a hill station near Kodaikanal and when there, you'd be surrounded by mesmerizing hills covered by clouds. This was a beautiful sunrise moment.
Akshay Bunty
6 of us boys and girls started our journey on a Wednesday night from Bangalore via Self Drive Car (Scorpio). We left bangalore at 10pm moving towards Hosur road. We stopped for dinner near shoolagiri around 12am in a typical truckers dhaba where you get to have dinner on the hand sewed wooden cots. After having sumptuous food we resumed our journey with full bellies and blast music. We took the salem-namakal-dindigul route and reached kodaikanal check post by 6am. Do not carry any alchohol or any such items as it is illegal to carry from outer state. Our car was thoroughly checked for alcohol or weed etc from top to bottom (literally). After the police found nothing he let us through the post and then came the wonderful Ghat Section of Kodai 'The Princess of the Hills'. The road was just awesome and the scenery is out of the world. Coming up over the ghat we stopped for breakfast in a Tiffin Cart where we were treated with Hot Idlis and Vadas. The temperature was very low and we were freezing. We then reached kodaikanal bus stand Where Mr.Jenova , our cottage owner had arrived to escort us to Vatta. Vattakanal is around 6 to 7 kms from Kodai. Usually taxi drivers will take you there for 300 or 400 bucks. We entered into an abode of mist and cool breeze lurking through our windows and looked out to see the mystical hills with clouds hovering over them. All of a sudden we reached a dead and that was it ! We were in Vattakanal! We saw more than too many foreigners and later learnt that people travel from israel and italy to stay here for a few months round the year. We parked our car and moved to our cottage which is almost a Trek itself to reach the place. The place was small but cozy enough to fit the six of us. We were 4 boys and 2 girls. It was a 2BHK with beds in hall too. The place is of a Hippie Style. Hippie Culture is one that you would get to see in Vatta. We then slept for a while and then started down towards Dolphins Nose. We stopped in the most 'Hyped' Altaf's Cafe, but didn't find anything amusing with the food served there. The dishes were basically to the taste of forigners and not indians. We then headed down towards Dolphins Nose. It is a 1km trek to dolphins nose. It is a serene walk one can take through the forest into the nature. The View of the hills is just breathtaking. We treated ourselves to some snacks while we were there and headed back to our cottage. We lit a campfire, Barbecued some chicken, ate some grills and Crashed for the night. The next morning we woke up early to catch a glimpse of the sunrise. I got to tell you that watching sun float above the clouds was totally mesmerizing. It was nothing short of wonder for me. It was extremely chilly, but the sunrise gave warmth to our heart (the aww moment). After a home-cooked breakfast we set out to visit other interesting places that this place had to offer. First we visited the kodaikanal lake , where you can find many horses and cycles to take a bout around the lake. We chose the later to catch some exercise. We then went to a waterfall (bear shola) which had no water. Waterfalls around these parts are not much attractive. We had finished seeing all those worth seeing by noon. We later stopped for a traditional TAMILNADU lunch. We also purchased some natural oils and home made chocolates . As we had seen all the places , we still had a another left with us. We then decided to immediately check out and head towards Misty Munnar , which is around 150km from Kodaikanal. The next part of trip will be updated in blogs related to MUNNAR. 
It is pure forest up there having bison, monkeys and much more. We had a German Shepherd for our house which will bark the hell out of monkeys which comes near the house. That was a great help.We chilled there with beers and in the open front raised with wooden logs and mud on it having a good view opposite.It was 11 degree c at night and we lit some firewood from nearby.
Neha Ahlawat
We bought home-made chocolates and headed towards Vattakanal, 6km from Kodaikanal, where one can get cheap cottages for stay. We immediately found one, dumped the luggage and headed out to explore the place. Though it was cloudy, we could spot some view points. As the night set in, we headed back to our cottage, lit a fire and prepared omelette and Maggie for dinner.Next morning we visited the places of interest in Vattakanal- Dolphin Nose, Lion’s Cave and two waterfalls. We wandered in the forest for some time and walked all the way to Kodai exploring the area, spotting local churches, pretty cottages and an abandoned factory. After the fire and dinner routine, we went out at 11 to have a night-view of the mighty mountains. The third day, we set out for an Israeli breakfast at Altaf Cafe and then headed for Koadikanal. We rented bicycles and went around the major tourist places – the Kodai lake, Pillar Rock, La Saleth shrine, Suicide Point, etc. The fourth morning we left for Kodai to catch a bus back to Madurai.
Riyas P
VattakanalVattaikanal is a small village located 3 kms from kodaikanal town.It was a hippie hideout, but loosing its hippie nature due to rapid commercialization.The Local's here call Vattakanal as "Little Israel" ,coz lotz of Israeli travelers comes here during winter and usually stay for months. Vattakanal is a small village and basically nothing much to do here but ideal for lazy laid back vacations and also paradise for nature is counted among top 25 biodiversity hotspots globally.Many rare and endangered plants and animals are found here. Bisons can be easily spotted here.The views from this hills are breath taking.The stay options are very limited in vattakanal. Rooms are usually charged per head. charges varies from Rs.300 to 700per head during season and as low as Rs 200 per head.For long term visitors, houses are available for monthly rent(Rs.4000-6000) . Once you reach here,never forget to make a walk to Dolphin nose and Echo point.Its a bit longer walk and you need a pair of sturdy shoes to keep on ground.don't get frightened to see Bisons on the way,they are friendly and basically don't attack.
Pluto Panes
We were searching for cottages at Vattakanal. But most were too expensive for us. We were looking for something for around INR 300. Then almost suddenly we meet this guy called Nirmal. Dressed in leather jacket and boots; he takes us to a cottage where he and his friends were staying. The lady of the house rented us the next room for INR 350. Nirmal was unstoppable. He talked non-stop and he talked to everybody. He could speak Tamil and that made things noticeably easier for us but also evidently longer. You never did know what he meant when he said something. His instructions were often self-contradictory. I had doubts to if he himself knew what he was up to. He was reliable but we held on to our nerves. He often changed plans. And he often forgot to inform us. But he did deliver on everything he promised. He was so outrageously funny and unstoppable that in the next 20 hours we often speculated that he was already on magic mushrooms. The level of energy he could dispel around was infectious. It had started raining the day before at Kodaikanal. And the clouds were peeping inside the doors. It was about 10: 30 but Nirmal and his friends Sumant and Aaron egged us not to waste time. "Let's not waste the daylight, Macha", Nirmal kept repeating. After a joint we stepped out. I carried my backpack while other kept their luggage in the cottage. By the time we came out of the cottage and went near the shops, Aaron had vanished. We went towards the Dolphin Nose. But we had lost Aaron. There was no cellphone network. Nirmal kept talking to everyone he met and we, linguistically inferior creatures ended up just waiting for the nth time for Nirmal to finish his plethora of conversations. We left Aaron behind and moved on.
babith thekkan
From Kodaikanal, Vattakanal is a peaceful town home to very few tourists. Its an approx 20 min drive from Kodaikanal. Homestays would be cheap from less than 400 per person off season. Food would be quite expensive as its there only source of income. Great getaway.
Rini Biswas
I saw a dream. Chasing the clouds over a valley and telling a colleague of mine, "I'll be back after some time!" A colleague! Yes, the heavy weight of the boredom of work-life, the routine life, was such that it chased me even in my dream! But Vatta did lift me from the drudgery. It placed me for a day in an abode amid the clouds. The much coveted breather that I was frantically searching for. And yes, it was my birthday gift to myself, as well! Vattakanal didn't disappoint me.I often go through a number of articles on quick weekend vacations from Bangalore that I can chart as a solo traveler. In one such article, I came across the name, Vattakanal. And though there was a list of 10 different places, I knew Vatta has to be my number one destination among these. The Palani Hills range was calling me :)So, I did what I do best - planning my itinerary. Though I love to leave some parts of my solo travel completely unplanned, commuting and staying are not among them. There are a number of options for bus operators to choose from to reach Kodaikanal from Bangalore. I chose KPN travels. I was surprised, however, at the bus prices! Total commuting cost me 3.5 grand! But then the staying options balanced this out. For two days, I paid INR 1400. And what a pleasant stay it was!
Allen Sebastian
At first I had no idea about this place and I asked few of my friends and all they knew was the usual Kodai spots then searched over the Internet and couple of blogs gave some Kool insights about this place Vattakanal. Wr friends decided to hit the roads one day and had a good sneak peak. If you are looking for a place like where you can take an individual cottage near the valleys or mountains, take your guitar make some music, camp fire, and some shrooms in the seasons it's a nice place. Majority of the Israelies are coming to this place and it's one of their main traveling spot I guess after making some friends. 
kevin julius
Arrived at Kodaikanal from Bangalore - over night bus.Getting around:We walked till Vattakanal (About 3kms), it's so much better to walk around Kodaikanal, better than taking a cab around and paying an unimaginable cab fare(sometimes upto Rs 100 for every KM).You obviously need to be fit enough to wall around as there are a lot of up slopes and it is tiring, but you discover so much on your walk.First meal: Had some amazing idly, vada and chai for 40 rupees outside Coakers walk.Stay: Ruban's cottage in Vattakanal. Ruban and his family are very nice and helpful, the place has a breathtaking view(would want to make you sit outside your cottage and look out for the whole day) and the cottages are priced reasonably.Ruban's number:+91 97867 88485We had a wonderful meal at Altaf's after we freshened up. The meal came up to 200 each person.
Sneha Gupta
Rahul Raghunath
It's everything Kodai offers (I would argue to say it offers more) after removing the throng of tourists that has changed the very landscape of culture of the place. Called the Little Israel of India, it houses some of the most beautiful locations I've ever had the blessing of visiting. I wish now that i had a pen and paper to document the places we visited. We stayed the night at a little lodge and got to witness what was easily the most stunning sun rise yet.
Priyal Karkal
wooded slopes, mighty rocks, enhancing waterfalls and a beautiful lake and charmed by natural bliss of the mountain aptly describe Kodaikanal. This place is alluring and forever inviting...a place where peaceful climate adds joy with many places to hang..
Isha Borah
We climbed, climbed and climbed..Yes, you gotta climb a lot to reach the destination. But the ultimate view can leave you spellbound.. like a beautiful dream!