Barabazar Market 1/1 by Tripoto

Barabazar Market

Shreya Rathi
After trotting non stop, my stomach made funny noises, and so I took myself out to Bara Bazaar, one of the biggest wholesale markets in India, and also the place with cheap priced lip smacking food. On Jagmohan Mullick Lane, the footpaths are covered with stalls of chaat vendors, and their pav-bhaaji is worth dying for! Sizzling hot butter right on top of mouth watering bhaaji made me lose all my table etiquettes, and eat like a crazed up person, who hasn't had meals for days! Right on the crossing of the road sits an old aged man, who sells Pani Puri and Jhalmuri - the things-you-should-eat-in-Kolkata, since 30 years. And he still hasn't lost the charm for sure!