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College Street (Boi Para)

Also known as boi Para, this is a long stretch from the Ganesh Chandra Avenue to the Mahatma Gandhi Road and is known for the many colleges out here. Apart from colleges there are other building for the city's intellectual group to spend time in. The Coffee House has served as the hangout for budding poets and politicians discussing on serious agendas over hot cups of coffee and kobiraji cutlet for years now. Above all what makes this place even more famous are the presence of many small and big book stalls and thus the name, 'boi para'. If you want to buy old or new books there can be nothing better than a couple of hours in College Street.
Megha Paul
2.30 pm: College StreetIf you want to snuggle your way through rows of homes, printing presses and even more bookstores, head to what is called Kolkata’s Boi Para or College Street. Before digging my way through these books, I walked down from College Street to the mythic café- Coffee House to pay homage to the great Adda culture. This place is a symbol of ‘Calcutta’ heritage amidst change. However, the cheap, dishwater coffee is not the attraction. This unpretentious high-ceilinged place was once a meeting hub of freedom fighters, bohemians and revolutionaries. So come here for the nostalgia of the intellectualism of the bygone past, the bohemian rhapsodies of the 80’s, the zeal of the Naxals and moreover, to just fuel up your tank before you hit the mighty book market.I then hit the road, which is dotted with endless numbers of book shops. The maze of bylanes offer mainstream textbooks, guide books, pulp bestsellers and what not. You will come across enthusiastic shopkeepers who will show you what you want. In case you are having trouble finding a particular book at a specific shop, the shopkeeper will also find and get it for you from another shop. So this saves you from pounding the pavement to search for your book.
Larissa D'sa
Ayushee Chaudhary
Baidehi Ghosh
Lebu Jol - After a long and tiring day, the best thing is Lebu Jol. The sellers do not just use any kind of lime but the gondhoraj lebu, which call it romanticism or love, is more than a piece of lemon. It is the perfect mix of sweetness and saltiness. You will get many roadside stalls selling this drink.