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Farakka Barrage Project

Located in Murshidabad district of West Bengal, Farakka barrage project was established with the aim to redirect sufficient quantity of The Ganges to Bhagirathi-Hooghly river system and improving its navigation. It also provides water to Farakka Super Thermal Power Station. Farakka project commenced in the year 1961 by Hindustan Construction Company, and its construction was completed by the year 1975. Its headquarters exist in Farakka town itself. It consists of 112 gates in total. There are 60 small canals also available to provide water to different regions for regular purposes. It is not allowed to capture Farakka barrage photos. From Farakka bridge, visitors can gain a dazzling sunset view. The crystal-clear waters of The Ganges that surround it also provide some breathtaking sights. The meeting point of River Ganges and River Gumani exist around 3 km from the Farakka barrage project. The place is apt for a short picnic with family and can prove to be quite insightful.