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September to February
8 AM - 4 PM
Sightseeing & Photography
INR 25 per person

Palaruvi Waterfall

Located in Kollam district of Kerala, Palaruvi falls is a 300 feet high waterfall which is counted among the highest falls of India. The term 'Palaruvi' means a stream of milk. It could refer to the white shade acquired by the waterfall, as the water cascades down in rapid flows. Palaruvi falls is a natural gem that originates in Aryankavu Village. The cold waterfall provides a respite amidst the hot and humid atmosphere of Kollam. There is no guide available to reach the falls, but the waterfall is well-connected via road. You can take a cab or board a bus to reach Palaruvi waterfalls. It is advised that you walk carefully and carry a good pair of shoes along, as the place is slippery. If you enjoy photography, the place can prove to be an undiscovered treasure hidden amidst the lush green valleys of Kerala. You can visit Palaruvi falls to spend an unforgettable time with your family and friends.
An 10 mins drive from here took us to the ticket counter of beautiful Palaruvi waterfalls. It was a beautiful place inside a forest managed by forest department. From here there is 3 km to the waterfalls. We were not allowed to take private vehicles there, instead forest department runs mini buses. We took the tickets and got in to the bus. It was a great scenic drive inside the forest. We can see the streams flowing near by the road. The road was passing through thick forests and it was a beautiful experience. This 3 km road to the waterfalls is the thing which makes it special. After a 10 mins drive we reached at the waterfall area. There is a small canteen providing tea and snacks there. The area is full of monkeys and if we took any eatery items out, they will take it from us.From there a 5 min walk will take us to the beautiful waterfalls across Kallada river. It is one of the biggest waterfalls in Kerala and watching the water coming down the rocks standing inside a dense forest is something that cannot be explained in words. The water was little less but it hadn't changed the tempting beauty of the falls. There are some steps available to go to the top where a mandap or open pavilion is build. From here we can view the waterfalls at a very close range flowing all the way down. We spent around one hour near the waterfall. It was a joyful experience.
     For reaching the waterfalls,  one cannot go by their own vehicle nowadays. We have to travel in Kerala Govt. tourism bus..... From there, it takes around 5 mins trek to reach the beautiful waterfalls :-)          Then we took a bath for an hour and chilled out after taking some good pics for instagram ;-)        Kerala Tourism maintains clean shower and dress changing rooms for women with all safety measures.