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Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

The Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple can be found around 55 km from Chennai and 21 km from Arakkonam, in Narasingapuram, Thiruvallur. From the times of grandeur and glory that existed in South India. The sanctuary of Lakhsmi Narasimha at Narasingapuram still gloats the period of Cholas and Vijayanagara Rayas. The Lakshmi Narasimha Temple is arranged in the town of Narasingapuram accepted to be named after the temple. There are around of 14 engravings in and around the sanctuary in which two of them have a place with the Chola period. Also, this stands as a prove that the sanctuary even survived the Saivism wave that produced results under the Cholas in the early period like numerous other vital Vaishnavite sanctuaries that survived it in South India in the early period. All these engravings are in Sanscritised Telugu which is still a nearby dialect winning in the encompassing regions of Narasingapuram.
Shubham Arkal
Lakshmi Narasimha Statue :The Lakshmi Narasimha statue, otherwise known as the statue of Ugra Narasimha was built in the year 1528 A.D. This is known to be the largest monolith statue in the whole of Hampi. The statue of Lord Narasimha- an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and a half man, half lion- depicts the deity sitting in a cross-legged position in its fierce form.
Omkar Kulkarni
Ugra Narsimha or the Lakshmi Narsimha statue is a largest rock statue found in Hampi. Carved out of the monolithic rock this statue is a must visit if you are here in Hampi. Narsimha is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This statue had a statue of Goddess Lakshmi seated on Lord Narsimhas Lap. But during the Mughal plunder of this statue Lakshmi statue has been vandalised, if you are lucky enough to see the backside of this statue you could see a hand on Narsimha's back. Its is said that the Lakshmi's statue is at the Museum in Kamalapura. If you look at the statue keenly, you find beautifully carved mane, beautifull eyes, broad shoulders and strong hands. This is a 6 meters statue carved out of single monolithic rock.
srishti jugran
Our next stop was at Yoga Lakshmi Narasimha temple-the God of destroying Evil! The giant monolithic statue of the man-lion god is the largest icon in Hampi. It’s believed that the original image contained his consort Lakshmi sitting on his lap. This image was destroyed during the enemy invasion. Currently only a hand of the goddess resting on his waist can be seen.#Closeby within the premises was Shiva Lingam temple.
Hrishikesh Baruah
If the Ganesha idol was impressive then the next idol that we visited just blew my mind. The idol is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, and the impressive idol sits with a hood of cobra on top of the head. Both the hands are broken, suggesting the damage inflicted during the rampage on Hampi. With the face of that of a lion the idol is sitting in a meditation posture. This sculpture was also given shape from single rock.
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