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Lachung Monastery

Lachung is a town and a very famous Hill station in North eastern part of Sikkim, India. The town is more or less 125 kilometers (78 mi) away from the capital Gangtok. The town's economy has been supported by tourism as the district has been opened up by the Indian government. Travelers originate from everywhere throughout the world to visit the town in the middle of October and May, particularly on their way to the Yumthang Valley and the Lachung Monastery. Dialects talked here are Nepali, Lepcha & Bhutia. Amid winter the town is normally secured in snow. Lachung is likewise the base camp for Rhododendron Valley Trek, which begins from Yumthang Valley and finishes at Lachen Valley. The people living in Lachung mostly make their earning by serving the visitors who keep coming throughout the year to visit Lachung. The government has is also very helpful in providing assistance to the visitors.
Senneil Gomes
Lachung Monastery: Situated bang opposite the banks of the Lachung Chu river, the Lachung Monastery is located in a very aesthetic area amidst a bunch of apple orchards. An edifice incorporated by the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism in the year 1806 still stands tall today. This monastery also has an installation of Guru Padmasambhava’s statue to honour his memory as an individual believed to be one of the founding fathers of Buddhism in Tibet. The unique feature of this shrine is the fact that it is very vibrant and tiny, unlike other monasteries. The two prayer wheels which have dragons carved out of metal above it along with the two storied religious halls are the salient features of this monastery.