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Yumesamdong (Zero Point)

Yume Samdong is around 26 kilometers from Yumthang, another acclaimed spot in North Sikkim. Yume Samdong of North Sikkim is set at an elevation of 15,300 feet above sea level. Since the spot is in close vicinity to the border standing between India and China, a special license is required to visit Yume Samdong. The drive through the mountain amidst the unpleasant region of Sikkim is an breathtaking experience.The most imperative essence of the spot lies in the Azalea's scent. Azalea frames a major source of income to local people. They make the crude material out of which neighborhood people make incense sticks. Being set at high elevation, Yume Samdong in Sikkim remains snow loaded consistently. So it is advised to take preliminary measures before a trek to Yume Samdong is attempted. But for trekkers, the course from Yume Samdong to Yumthang is one of the most loved ones. It takes just about an hour drive to reach Yume Samdong from Yumthang. This drive is as sparkling as the spot itself.
Kush Gupta
Zero Point is the last place to be in Gangtok as tourists and civilians are not allowed beyond this point, as further beyond this point is India-China Border. This place is situated at an altitude of 15000 ft. thus having scarcity of oxygen in the air and causing High Altitude Sickness to tourists. But it is worth the view, as this place provides you with 360 degree panoramic view. You will find snow for almost whole of the year here, and also a partial frozen Teesta river. This place is Switzerland in itself and need no compliments. If you visit North Sikkim, this place should be mandatory in your list. The picturesque view is spectacularly amazing. There are also some temporary stalls and a temporary washroom which is not so hygienic.
Arushi Agrawal
It was second consecutive day when we saw temperature changing from positive to negative within span of few hours. But the view at Zero Point was worth to this fluctuation. Second time in as many days, I was close to international border.
Somehow we survived the night and started for Zero point which is the source of the Teesta river at 6 am. Some snow flakes were settling in the early hours of the day but our driver seemed to be relaxed and was driving at ease. Although I love driving, I would surely need a lot of experience and courage before taking hands on in the hills. At 10 am we reached at the source of the Teesta river and witnessed the first sight of snow in three days. Yes, it was December and was so dry that no snow was present even at Nathu La at 14000 ft which compelled us to hunt snow and lead to Zero Point. Bingo!
You can also move ahead and upward to Zero-Point that is situated an hour's drive from Yumthang. It is reported that the road is very steep and treacherous, however, the view from Zero-Point is worth all the trouble. Only vehicles from tour operators who are registered with Sikkim tourism are allowed. The visit to Zero Point involves additional cost for vehicle. You need to take a tour package from an authorized tour operator of Sikkim.
Yumesamdong (Zero Point)From Yumthang, we proceded further towards Yume Samdong (Zero Point) to embrace snow laden mountains tightly. The roads are curvy and not so well maintained, but who cares of road, when the reward is so mesmerizing.