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Yume Samdong is around 26 kilometers from Yumthang, another acclaimed spot in North Sikkim. Yume Samdong of North Sikkim is set at an elevation of 15,300 feet above sea level. Since the spot is in close vicinity to the border standing between India and China, a special license is required to visit Yume Samdong. The drive through the mountain amidst the unpleasant region of Sikkim is an breathtaking experience.The most imperative essence of the spot lies in the Azalea's scent. Azalea frames a major source of income to local people. They make the crude material out of which neighborhood people make incense sticks. Being set at high elevation, Yume Samdong in Sikkim remains snow loaded consistently. So it is advised to take preliminary measures before a trek to Yume Samdong is attempted. But for trekkers, the course from Yume Samdong to Yumthang is one of the most loved ones. It takes just about an hour drive to reach Yume Samdong from Yumthang. This drive is as sparkling as the spot itself.
Somehow we survived the night and started for Zero point which is the source of the Teesta river at 6 am. Some snow flakes were settling in the early hours of the day but our driver seemed to be relaxed and was driving at ease. Although I love driving, I would surely need a lot of experience and courage before taking hands on in the hills. At 10 am we reached at the source of the Teesta river and witnessed the first sight of snow in three days. Yes, it was December and was so dry that no snow was present even at Nathu La at 14000 ft which compelled us to hunt snow and lead to Zero Point. Bingo!
You can also move ahead and upward to Zero-Point that is situated an hour's drive from Yumthang. It is reported that the road is very steep and treacherous, however, the view from Zero-Point is worth all the trouble. Only vehicles from tour operators who are registered with Sikkim tourism are allowed. The visit to Zero Point involves additional cost for vehicle. You need to take a tour package from an authorized tour operator of Sikkim.
Yumesamdong (Zero Point)From Yumthang, we proceded further towards Yume Samdong (Zero Point) to embrace snow laden mountains tightly. The roads are curvy and not so well maintained, but who cares of road, when the reward is so mesmerizing.
prateek goel
Enjoying -10 degree at Zero PointBeyond the valley of flower, there is nature personification known as Zero Point Yumesamdong. It is at an altitude of 15748ft. It usually covered with snow throughout the year. The temperature remain near to -10 degree. Check it out what it hides in itself and explore it in your next trip.To keep yourself safe from snow, there are stalls that will provide you snow cloths on rent and all lot of food stalls sells, eggs, maggie etc. to eat and keep you warm.
With a sense of national pride making it till here, at the borders of India, we played patriotic songs to enjoy the moment as we passed by the army camps.The road was snowed in after a point. We got out of our jeep and climbed the remaining on foot with gum boots which we rented at Yumthang for a decent price and our heavy winter jackets and gloves were on. We trekked up in the knee deep snow to reach a point where when we turned back we could see the entire valley below and the river meandering through. This I can say was simply one of the best views I had ever seen in my entire life and had left a lasting impression on me, at an altitude of 15000 feet.
Subhrajyoti Parida
Zero Point, Yumesamdong, North Sikkim is perinially under snow cover because of altitide, cold weather and proximity to the great Himalayas. It is a MUST visit for tourists who love snow...
Subhrajyoti Parida
As we moved towards the Zero Point at Yumesamdong (15,300 feet above MSL), the weather began becoming chilled. Finally when we reached the Zero Point, which is always covered with snow all round the year perennially, it was rather difficult to prevent ourselves to venture into those snowfields and play with the snow balls as long as possible. The mighty peaks covered with snow and the chilled water streams flowing down the mountains commanded breathtaking and unparallel views. Time came after 2 hours of our personal photoshoots and playing around in snow, to move on for the return journey to Gangtok.
Yumesamdong populary known as the zero point can be reached by car or bike by travelling a distance of around 66 kms from Lachung..It is the land of perennial snow and there is a lack of oxygen in this place due to the altitude.There are no places of accomodation for tourists here.So one has to plan the day accordingly if they are planning to visit this place..It would be good to visit this place before 12 pm as rain pours down and clouds start gathering all around this land so its difficult for drivers to come down to Lachung..
Riyanka Roy
Shilpi A Bhabhra
A place at the end of yumthang valley, with below zero temperatures and lots of snow.
Zero point is at an altitude of around 16000 feet and is the starting point of teesta river which is the lifeline of the entire sikkim region. Zero point is never covered in the package and it supossed to be paid to the driver direcly. We paid 2500 for the journey which is another 1 hour from yumthang. The entire place was covered with snow being in the snow belt. There was 10 feet of snow at a few places. We played with snow just like kids making snow balls and aiming at each other. Weather was pleasant and since it was not windy, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly without feeling breathless even for a moment. Infact it was the hallmark of our trip . I still have the snap of snow flying out of my wife's hand and i trying acrobatically to save myself from her onslaught . The only difffernce was that this time it was volley of snow and not her fiery words , a welcome change.
Fatema Diwan
The highest navigable point in the state, its kind of a great place to go during the summer. Mainly, because it will be your first encounter with snow, which up till now I could only see from my car window on mountain peaks. I don't know if you would find it equally amusing during the winter, because there isn't much to see or do here. Except perhaps gaze at the view.
Jyoti sharma
The route to reach zero point is via 4 bridgesTo see Yumesamdong hot spring, you must take a diversion at the fourth bridge. To go to Zero point continue on the main route after the 4th bridge also. Due to constant rain and snow we left back for yumthang after warming up ourselves at the Army check post
Sangita Mukherjee
Good To Know: Normally, the package tour from Gangtok to Yumthung Valley will have sightseeing till Yumthang valley. Beyond this one can go upto Yumesamdong famously known as zero-point by paying extra money directly to the driver.
Raya Banerjee
zero point remains covered by snow throughout the year!!