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Kadmat Islands

Right in the lap of nature lay Kadmat Island. Just 150 kms away from Kalpeni, the clear waters surrounding the isle is enough to keep you captivated all day all night long.Water sports are so abundant by the beach that it will eventually leave you tossing to come to a decision. The island is big on landscape and scenery, just as the water below is brewing with marine life. Reefs are one of the many places to discover here. Winds blow strong, creating a typical sound against the waves. The rhythm that follows is one that should not be missed.Kadmat Island is one of the best places to visit in Lakshadweep.The 8 kms long atoll will make a great time come out of your vacation here. Magnificent with lime stones, it is in the news for the sandy beaches and the sea banks ideal for sunbath. An entire universe altogether, the island is a right site to vanish from your mundane life.
Arijit Mullick
The sky was dark and it had been drizzling steadily through out the day. Had to drop scuba diving plan as there was no sun. In the evening had walk around in the beach.
Sanghamitra B
I would recommend staying at this island as this island in houses beautiful resort amidst palm grooves and is ideal for watersports as PADI (The Professional Association of Diving Instructors) functions from here itself. You will be trained before going for the dive.It has long sandy beaches and a bountiful nature to embrace in. Variety of fishes like shark, stingrays and beautiful corals can be found and the ocean gives you a clear visibility of 20 – 50 m underwater. You can tour the Coconut powder and jute factory and purchase pure coconut oil, powder from these factories.