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Kadmat Islands

Right in the lap of nature lay Kadmat Island. Just 150 kms away from Kalpeni, the clear waters surrounding the isle is enough to keep you captivated all day all night long.Water sports are so abundant by the beach that it will eventually leave you tossing to come to a decision. The island is big on landscape and scenery, just as the water below is brewing with marine life. Reefs are one of the many places to discover here. Winds blow strong, creating a typical sound against the waves. The rhythm that follows is one that should not be missed.Kadmat Island is one of the best places to visit in Lakshadweep.The 8 kms long atoll will make a great time come out of your vacation here. Magnificent with lime stones, it is in the news for the sandy beaches and the sea banks ideal for sunbath. An entire universe altogether, the island is a right site to vanish from your mundane life.
Sanghamitra Bordoloi
I would recommend staying at this island as this island in houses beautiful resort amidst palm grooves and is ideal for watersports as PADI (The Professional Association of Diving Instructors) functions from here itself. You will be trained before going for the dive.It has long sandy beaches and a bountiful nature to embrace in. Variety of fishes like shark, stingrays and beautiful corals can be found and the ocean gives you a clear visibility of 20 – 50 m underwater. You can tour the Coconut powder and jute factory and purchase pure coconut oil, powder from these factories.
megha goyal
8 km long pristine white sand beach is the main attraction of the island. Beautiful resort overlooking to the sea adds to it attraction. Unlike Bangaram and Tinnakara, you get AC accommodation here with cheaper rates.Few Important points: Tourists need a permit to visit the islands; foreign nationals are not permitted to visit certain islands. And consumption of alcohol is not permitted in Lakshadweep except on Bangaram. Though the islands are pretty safe but our boat driver told us to keep our shoulders and knees covered in areas where locals are thickly populated.How to Reach: Only one Air India flight goes to Agatti so one have to be careful while booking. And one cannot stay in Agatti as there is stay option available (apart from govt. circuit house) so you have to travel to any one of the island on the same day. By the way if you don’t have confirmed hotel booking you won’t be able to board the flight despite of confirmed tickets. Passenger boats operate on regular basis to connect with karavatti, kadmat, kalpeni and bangaram to Agatti. Minicoy isn’t connected via air you have to take a 1.5 day cruise from Cochin to reach there.Accommodation: There is no private hotel or resort in Lakshadweep, only accommodation can be booked through lashadweeptourism website. Call them or Write an email and they will respond but one has to plan well in advance as rooms are limited. Banagaram room rent is INR 15000 per night all meals inclusive, and rooms are Non-AC. Kalpeni rooms are available at INR 5000-6000 per night.Best time to Visit: November to February
Kritharth Pendyala
Kadmat(14th November 2017):Waking up to a beautiful sunrise, with two groups of dolphins welcoming us to this beautiful archipelago of coral lagoons was no short of a dream! The waters in Kadmat are home to a wide variety of marine life. Beautiful corals and some awesome sights of fish in water compelled me to go for another SCUBA dive here, in the open sea. Diving in the open sea is one of the best experiences in the world, and Lakshadweep stands amongst the best places to go for an open dive. This particular dive-site had a view to a 40 metre deep trench which is clearly visible. You can see several schools of fish in complete harmony and swimming all across in the same rhythm, and its just so silent that you feel you are in a completely different world altogether. This is a lifetime experience and I would definitely try to have a go at it in all the different seas across the world. We went for a village tour in the evening and witnessed some octopus hunting by the local beach folk. The resort officials were kind enough to arrange for a local traditional dance program in the evening, which had the real taste of the Laccadive culture. This event was followed by dinner and we were off to retire for the day.
Kritharth Pendyala
Kavaratti to Kadmat(13th November 2017):The vessel was scheduled to leave Kavaratti at 6.30am. We reached Kadmat at 11am. Kadmat is also an inhabited island with a population of 7000. We spent our time lazing around and basking in the sun. The property of SPORTS is huge here. It has a private beach with several hammocks and a wide variety of activities. A windy evening was the perfect set-up for a Yacht ride with the sails onboard. It was more of a topsy-turvy ride full of thrill. We returned to the shore by sunset. To top it all, a lovely dinner followed, by the beach side. This day was more of a leisure filled day just for relaxing!
Irfan Hasham
The next day, early morning sunrise had its own saying to the blue waters. What a view, what a place! We could see the seawood, the incongruous objects washed up the ocean. The camera could not resist itself from capturing the epic moments. Then again, we had some amazing dives in the sea from the pier.Later, in the evening, we headed to explore and spoke with the localities around the 550 meters wide stretch of the island. Travelling along the island's only road, either in the resort's tiny shuttle bus, by rickety bicycle or on foot, we caught sight of children walking in immaculate school uniforms, head-scarfed women sweeping patterns into the dust of their unpaved front yards and young men playing football on a comically uneven beach football pitch.