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October- June
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June - February
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Lion's Point

This is the highest point that the twin hill stations of Lonavala- Khandala has to offer to the tourists. This place is from where you get some spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and bewitching natural beauty. It is just a few hours drive from the main City of Mumbai and is a travellers' retreat. Trekking is an enjoyable activity here but having a vehicle at some point is necessary. This is because some attractions are quite a walk from each other. The other attractions here are the Bhushi Dam, Duke's Nose, Valvan Dam, Kaivalyadhama Yoga Hospital, Ryewood Park and Tiger's Leap.
Yasmin Mirza
Lion Point : Also very similar to tiger point so if you do not have too much of time you can skip any one from these two.Lonavala Lake : In Masson lake is full with the water and fog makes a perfect view. Here if you wanna swim, keep your short with you and enjoy swimming. You can have chikki, corn, panipuri if you are hungry.
Altafuddin Sk
So i thought of at least visiting a good point and go back home. So took an auto and sailed for the "Lions Point". In the way I crossed another point "Bhushi Dam" which i planned to visit on my way back. When i reached Lions Point, it was completely covered in the fog, nothing left to see. I doubt myself for not giving up.Within few minutes, the weather changed magically, the sky became crystal clear and the view from the heaven was in front of my eyes.
Ragini Mehra
2. Drive to Lion’s Point in Lonavala:Situated on Aamby Valley Road, this drive is about 2 hours from Mumbai and I would say, is most enjoyable when unplanned. It is perfect for a weekend when the weather is favourable and the Rain Gods are happy with us. Just call your bunch your friends, get into the car and drive down the Western Ghats to Lion’s Point viewpoint where you will be busy doing nothing at all! Well, that’s what the deal is. Once here, a bowl of delicious corn pakodas is all you need. So sit back, relax and enjoy the hill views as you savour this local delicacy.
For me the journey was better than the destination. Once you reach Lonavala, there isn’t really much to see. There are two scenic points – Lion Point and Tiger point, which are actually right next to each other. The view from these places was no doubt really beautiful, but I feel that it is common to most hill stations. The food they sell at these points is also exorbitantly priced. A mini cup of tea for 30 bucks was still fine but a plate of Aloo/Kandha Bhajia was not worth 70 bucks. We sat there for a while, chatting and reminiscing about our college days and the days to come.
seema navale
So next destination Lions point , I heard our driver telling that it takes hours during rainy season to reach this point as there would be huge jam as people get down to see water jharnas most of the time.We had no such luck , we reached in 20mins and .I must say its nice to spend an hour here .Western ghats has its beauty all over .There was camel riding and good bhaji shops nearby.My favourite was corn bhaji[ 100 rs ] per plate.