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This is a very old college in the city of Lucknow which was established by the British during the British Ra in India. This is till now an extremely notable educational institution and a pride for the modern society parents. They have successfully maintained the glamour and grandeur of this college which is now divided into schools and boasts of have trained many a prominent personalities. You are allowed to enter the school boundaries for the tours but whatever the guide tells you is all true even i some things sound exaggerated about this school. They also have horse riding and other such activities as a part of school activities which is not much seen in Indian schools.
Shiva Rajvanshi
The site formerly known as the Constantia House is now housed by the La Martinière College. The building is located on a terraced location which was a lake at some point. The architecture is mixed style that combines various techniques of Italian architecture. The college is one of the only educational institutions to receive a battle honor due to its role during the Seige of Lucknow.
Our meanderings also took us to La Martiniere College. This magnificent institution’s centrepiece is ‘Constantia’ which was a palace earlier. This imposing building has statues of 2 lions flanking its edifice, and it faces the ‘Laat’ – a fluted column that was once in the middle of a lake.