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June - February
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A beautiful place where the true beauty of the Western Ghats can be captured the ride to this place is a little bumpy but will defitely be worth it as the destination is picturesque.
On day 3 based on google reviews we planned to visit Mandalpatti,we started by 6 a.m . when you reach the top by your vehicle thereafter journey is by jeep , as the roads are bumpy and narrow , they charge around 1500 to n fro. The journey is adventurous.There it's all about atmosphere , the nature u'll love it ,spent a lovely time and early walk .
Footloose Backpackers
After this we started for Mandal Patti at about 3:30 PM. The drive was long, very long.
Shataakshi Verma
I had a single day left as part of my trip to Coorg, and I was confused if I wished to cover Brahmangiri hills to visit the origin of river Kaveri or should I visit Mandalpatti peak. The confusion got settled when I figured that as a sunset lover I might find more peace at the peak and also spend some time with myself and the setting sun.The journey to Mandalpatti is very interesting itself, as the roads that lead to the peak are in bad condition, there are jeeps available for you to hire that also run on sharing basis. For a minimal amount, I hired the jeep and so started the journey, the road were in very bad condition due to which many tourists or travelers were unable to get their private cars to the top which also somewhere works as a profit point got these jeep drivers as it works as their livelihood and business. The jeep that I had hired, ran out of fuel but we weren't that far from the peak so we walked and made it. There you have to buy a pass of 25 rs and then yous tart your 5 minutes climb to the peak point. Upon reaching I found that it too was crowded and many people just the way I did, decided to visit this peak today, I wanted to do some photography so I decided to find place a little bit away from all the hustle and as I looked around I saw another peak which no one seem to be climbing, it was 25 minutes climb and I decided to take it. On the way to the other peak I had a very interesting rendez vous with the herd of bees, 1000 of bees seem to be flowing away with the wind, my instant reaction was to get down on the ground,but the moment they were all gone I got up and I was laughing on my interesting adventure. It was the best decision i could have made though. After reaching the other peak, I could seem that there was no one around and the view was so serene and peaceful, I could also see some forest fires on my right and the moment I turned to my left i saw the sun, and after a little while when it was time for the sun to set which came too soon, I could see the Horizon., It was the most beautiful moment of my life, I had never seen the horizon so clear and Visible and I could see the whole process of the sun setting and I was there, I was a part of it.
Bhavan Kumar Naidu
Since there was no tv I had to wade away time by watching movies like "we are the miller's" and "PS:I love you" which were luckily on my mobile.And slept tight after that,because I knew what was in store for tomorrow, MANDALPATTI,yes!! By far one of the most amazing places I have traveled too.started out at 3:30am from Madikeri towards mandal Patti.The roads being so confusing and no one to ask for directions and my mobile navigation was useless,but still took a chance and went on.It took me around 2hrs 30min to cover a distance of around 30km.Though roads and pitch dark atmosphere, with just the light from my bike's headlight,that was scary experience I must say. Reached mandal Patti at around 5:15am and the person at the gates told me it opened only at 5:40am,so had to wait till then,and finally the let me in and woah woah the roads there look like they lead to a different world.
Abinaya Hariharan
Well.. This is one of the best places to visit in coorg! Chilly with greenery all around,no noise ,only fresh air with fog of course! Situated at the hill top , it is the best view point for coorg and photography! Don't forget to carry umbrella and pullovers????