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Elphinstone Point

Elphinstone Point is located 3.21 km in front of Arthur's Seat and 11 km in front of Frere Hall. At this time the cliffs are larger and increase from the Konkan, which is around 2500 ft below the amount of the Koyna valley. Created throughout the English concept, this time is called after the Governor of Bombay, Sir Elphinstone. Tourists may enjoy the see of Koyna pit, plains and the ravine, which lies between the Elphinstone place and Arthur point. The see of Water Savitri, which originates from this time can be beautiful. Discovered by Dr. Murray in 1830.
Sushma Neeraj
Enjoy panoramic views of the valley and the surrounding highlands and mountains at Elphinstone Point. Observe the breathtaking scenery from a high spot and bring your camera to capture its beauty via a photograph. Climb down a series of steps well protected by railings which ensures the safety of the visitors. After the climb sit and relax in the area, with fresh air and soothing winds forming a peaceful ambient. Enjoy some buttermilk, sweet corn, and other snacks and refreshments sold at the nearby stalls. Monkeys are playful residents of this attraction, but don’t provoke them and keep your snacks out of their reach. It is one of the highest view points of the town, this one stands out with some of the most widest and beautiful look outs.