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Wilson Point (Sunrise Point)

Wilson Point is the best point in Mahabaleshwar at 1439 m., named following Sir Leslie Wilson, the governor of Bombay from 1923–26. Wilson point is the only real location in Mahabaleshwar wherever both sunrise and sunset may be seen. It supplies a spectacular glance of Mahabaleshwar in every directions.
This was the best view one could start his/her day with. After that tiring journey we headed towards our stay which was inCost - N/AWALK - 3 Mins
1. First Stop: Wilson Point At the bus station, there are many cab services available like the one authorized by Maharashtra Government or private cabs as well. You have 2 options to visit Wilson Point, either take a cab to and fro which will take you or just walk till that point.I chose to walk- because it sounds more perfect and will definitely give me time to see the other roadside places too. Most importantly, I am going to save my 300 bucks early morning- that cab service offered me. The Sunrise point was 7:05 am I had time to reach this beautiful place by walking and enjoy the serene. Make sure- to check the sunrise timing if you wish to visit Wilson point. Believe me, the view at Wilson will mesmerize you as it is so enthralling.