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8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Indians- INR 10 (Includes entry to Pancha Rathas), Foreigners- INR 250 (including entry to Pancha Rathas)
June - February
7 out of 32 attractions in Mahabalipuram

Shore Temple

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, this complex is made up of one large and two small temples. These were built during the the 8th Century AD during the time of King Narasimhavarmana II. This place during that time was an important port and a center for trade and business activities. This is known as the Shore Temple Complex as this is very close to the sea and a part of the coastal area on the banks of the Bay of Bengal. People who visit this place make sure to take a dip in the sea before worshipping here.
Ajay Godsson Davis
The shore temple is the place of interest where most tourists visit during the trip. This temple is located in the shore of bay of bengal. you can have a walk, sit leisurely in the grass and read a book or hear music. This place is a soul stirring one gentle reeze from the sea all over the day large lawn area to get away from the chaos and get lost in our own world.
Last week we went to Chennai and reached Mahabalipuram (also named Mamallapuram) via the East Coast Road (ECR) . The road from Chennai airport upto the starting of ECR had heavy traffic in the morning ….. But once in ECR, The journey was fantastic with almost no traffic .
Shore temple - Entry INR 50
Niviya Vas
Named hence as it overlooks the shore of the Bay of Bengal, the Shore Temple rises powerfully upwards and outwards in full Pallava glory, with elegant Dravidian-style carvings and sculptures featured across the temple structure.
Tasmai Dave
Shore Temple: This temple is about 1200 years old and overlooks the Bay of Bengal and is located right on the shores. It has stood the test of time including the tsunami of 2004. The temple is made from rocks and has some beautiful carvings inside and around it. One can see remains of the large public baths made for the temple. This site has a nominal entry fee as well.