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Ajanta Caves

This is also a cave complex around Aurangabad unlike the Ellora Caves which are inside Aurangabad. These date back to 100 BC and are around 600 years older than the Ellora Caves. There is a huge horseshoe shaped rock which encompasses all thirthy Buddhist Chaityas and Viharas which have incredible sculptures and paintings on them which look much ahead of the time. The sculptures here apart from Buddhism represent exotic facts about the relationship between a man and his woman. The paintings and sculptures of men and women in various poses look extremely graceful and the popularity of Buddhism is evident here too. The standing statue of Sahyadri style Buddha is a remarkable attraction here. These caves were almost accidentally discovered in the 19th century by a group of British officers out for some survey here. The caves are now under the supervision of the archeological Survey of India.
Priyanka Dwivedi
Now, came the favorite and most awaited part of my trip – Day 2It is roughly 100 km away from Aurangabad city, I left early in the morning and took a window seat in a state transport bus. To enjoy this city of gates window seat is a must, here I am talking about its 52 gates which made Aurangabad stand out in many medieval cities.30 something rock cut caves dates back to 200 BC, you can read all these nerdy information about Ajanta on its Wikipedia page. I am here to tell you how does it feels to witness a metaphor! When Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan said “Jism jaise ajanta ki murat koi” I swear it was the ultimate comparison someone could make.Each cave has its own individual history and explanation why it is the way it is. Even a smallest carving on rock has stories and thoughts behind it.The below image is from cave no. 1 , I will somewhat blame this person to put the desire to Ajanta in my mind
Ajant Caves : - We were stayed in the hotel Ginger - situated in the aurangabad city. Very nice food and staying facilities are available. You need to take around 350 steps - to reach the Ajanta caves(Last cave- Do not miss this last cave). There are around 30 caves which are beautiful and example of ancient architecture and carving. This monsoon season it is really awesome to visit the caves and climbing the short hills. Also note that from Aurangabad city - it will take around 3 hours car drive to reach Ajanta caves. Also you need to be careful with the stones as it is sleepary ROCK. You required around 2-3 hour time if you explore the caves fully. So leaving early from Aurangabad is advisable.It was the memorable experience as monsoon season going on and rain is everywhere.
Abhijit Das
The Ajanta caves are rock cut caves, total 30 in number, which dates back to 2nd century (whaaat!). The caves boasts painting and sculptures which are proof of rich Indian art and cultural history. A UNESCO world heritage site, the caves were build in two phases, constituting Buddhist monasteries and worship halls. (Source: Wikipedia)
Arpita Agnihotri