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Across the year
Open 24 hours
Natrure site seeing, nature place to stay
Its vary from INR 500/- to INR 5000/-


Maachli Cottages house remain, located in beautiful community Parule, on Konkan Coast and in Sindhudurg region of Maharashtra, offers notion of paying time in nature. The Maachli Cottages are conceptualized as Maachli which will be Malvani expression for huts produced on heights to guard the crop. While enjoying rich greenery at Maachli, beach lovers may also visit numerous shores as ‘Maachli house remain'is situated at around 15 minutes travel from number of perfect beaches.
એકવાર તમે માલવણ પહોંચ્યા પછી, તમે માચલી ફાર્મસ્ટે માટે માગી શકો છો અથવા ગૂગલ મેપ્સ દ્વારા ભલામણ કરેલ માર્ગને અનુસરી શકો છો.