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Murud-Janjira Fort

This fort is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the whole country and is thus visited by thousands of tourists annually. This fort is also known as the Murud- Janjira fort as the town it is located in is known as Murud. It is surrounded by water on all sides and thus many people call this fort the Island fort or the Janjira Jal- Durg. It was built in the 17th century by Malik Amber. He was an Abssinian Minister in the court of the Sultan of Ahmednagar. It is known that there were more than 500 cannons inside this fort but there are only a few left at present. The fort has circular bastions and pillars and there are a number of rock carvings, tanks and other sculptures that you can see inside. This is also rated as one of the most visited places in the Indian state of Maharshtra and is a must visit during your trip.
Nishtha Nath
On an island in the Arabian Sea, Murud-Janjira Fort is situated 160 kilometers from Pune and Mumbai and on the western peninsula of Maharashtra, towards the Kokan area. Until it was incorporated into Independent India in 1947, this fort was an unconquered area. Ramrao Patil, the owner of the territory and the leader of the Kolis, constructed the island of Janjira. The agricultural group of Kolis can be found throughout the nation, with Maharashtra being the most prevalent region. However, Kolis are well known for working in agriculture and fishing in the coastal Konkan area. The chief constructed this island to shield the local fishing community from the damaging impacts of nature during thunderstorms or when they become stranded and are unable to return to land after fishing due to oceanic climate shifts.
Distance from Pune : 190km approx.It is the fort present in middle of water. One has to travel in Boat to reach there.
Utsav Galphat
On day 3 we travel to Murud-Janjira to visit the Janjira ford which is build in a sea.We started our journey around 11 am and reached in 2 hours. To visit the ford there are two three points, they provide the boat service which is present in slot. Visiting time for the fort is limited to 45 min the boat which dropped you on the ford will come back in 45 min to pick up. The best part of this fort is you won't be able to see without reaching near to it. It has a lack inside the fort which is of sweet water and  there is Kalak Bangadi, 3rd Largest Cannon in India weighing over 22 Tons.Apart from Murud Beach and Janjira Fort there is nothing more to visit hence we traveled back to our native place which is Pune. Hope you like my 1st blog.
Trip started from PUNE in a Tempo Traveler with my group of friends .Started at 6am in the morning. We have reached MURUD-JANJIRA fort by 10 am. Along the way we have passed from the beautiful GHATS which is so mesmerizing . There is a hotel were we had a breakfast at a beautiful location.We reached MURUD-JANJIRA fort and the location is awesome. Fort is in the sea and should reach by boat. and charger is a bit reasonable they will charge for up and down (to and fro) .From the shore you can experience the fort.
Aparajita Patra
The remains of the residing spaces (for different sects of a community), public places etc. could be traced inside the fort. It also houses a big pond. The entrance had been designed to be untraceable beyond a certain distance, there are secret openings, inspite of being placed on the roof the cannons remain cool enough to be touched...etc. These and many other fort-wonders. Murud Janjira Fort is definitely a beautiful memoir of the engineering marvels of the by-gone ages.