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Spiritual Excursion and Sightseeing
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Prati Balaji Temple

Located in Ketkawale which is at a distance of approximately 40 km from Pune, Prati Balaji is a revered Hindu temple. It is popular as the exact replica of the famous Tirupati Balaji temple which is in South India. Those who have not found the opportunity to visit Tirupati Balaji may visit Prati Balaji and gain a spiritual experience. A huge parking space is available for the visitors at Prati Balaji temple Pune. Besides that, a dining hall is present where Andhra meal is served to the visitors. Provisions for storing the luggage are also made. Photography and videography are not allowed on the temple premises. The gorgeous Prati Balaji Temple is surrounded by the beautiful hills of Pune. A drive to Prati Balaji during the monsoon offers wonderful landscapes and a calm atmosphere. The serene environment of Prati Balaji makes it a popular weekend getaway for the travellers from Pune.