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Randha Fall

These picturesque falls of Randha and Umbrella are in the Bhandardara region of Maharashtra and are most active during the rainy season. This is an ideal place for nature lovers and photographers
It was the first week of June. We had camped at Randha beside a small lake. The monsoon had not heralded yet, so we decided to trek Kalsubai during the night. It was 3 a.m. when we left from Randha towards Bari village - the base camp of Kalsubai. Bari village is located in Ahmednagar district which is around 130 km from Thane, Mumbai.The first half an hour of the trek, I would say, was strenuous because of the rocky patches. Once that was over, we took frequent stops to gaze the stars. It was an open sky as if with stretched arms, stars sprawled across it! I found myself stretching my arms each time as if wanting to grab the sky full of shining stars!The upcoming stretches were not visible but we saw a pretty sight of lights. Trekkers ahead of us carried torchlights as they climbed steeper ascents. And the movement of these torchlights from a distance looked as if the stars had fallen down and were dancing their way back upwards! ;)
Saumitra Shinde
One more waterfall on the list is the Randha Fall which comes in between the journey from Ratangad to Rajur. It's a 170-feet high drop straight into the valley with the backdrop of lush green fields and the Sahyadri mountains.