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Wai-Panchgani Road

Wai - Panchgani Road is best road known for road trip Wai to Panchgani.
Sushant Mandhanya
Ineffable. Just see the image and you will know why.
Rudraksha Chodankar
We started from Pune (Pimple Saudagar) at approximately 5:30 AM. Super wide and smooth roads ensured I was able to consistently maintain speeds around 90-110 kmph on my bike. 2 hours continuous ride and I saw a KFC board but unfortunately it was to be opened only at 10 AM. So we took a half hour break to have breakfast just before taking the right turn from the highway towards Wai. As soon as we started our drive on the Wai- Panchgani road, we could feel the coolness in the weather. We headed straight to Mapro Garden for a 2nd round of breakfast which included the awesome sandwich & irresistible Strawberry with Cream (Never miss this.)