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Il Forno

If you want to taste some awesome Italian delicacies in a location like this, Il Forno is the best option for you. Located in the Siyal Region and a part of the Hadimba Road, this is a very popular restaurant. The old world charm and lovely décor will instantly impress you. The best part is that they serve food which is Italian and which is authentically Italian. The prices are standard and the quantity of food is really good and enough for a starving soul.
Sneha Gupta
Gayatri Manu
Hanging precariously on a Cliffside, this Italian restaurant –popularised by the TV show Highway on My Plate (HOMP) happens to serve decent wood-fire, thin crust pizzas. Salty beers and bitter espressos can also accompany your piping hot Italian meal of Calzones, Pastas and Salad.