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Whenever one is in Manali.
24 Hrs.
Get a bus from Manli.

Manali Bus Depot

Its the official bus stand in Manali operated by Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC). Its located near by NH21, Simsa Village, Manali.
Vivek Kumar
So after a failed attempt at Pin Parvati pass, we(Nimish, Moumita, Shoaib and me) along with our Guide Prem, decided to goto atleast Chandrataal, as we have read too much and seen too many pics of it, and it was time to see it with our own eyes. All this while, we had our dog Barshee with us, whom we found at Barshaini, crying and running haphazard around every bus that arrives. But that's another story altogether. So we moved at 05:30 am for the Bus from Manali to Batal. Had some snacks, at the Bus station, as Prem has advised that we will get Breakfast at Chatru, where we are expected to reach by 11:00 am. We took our seats in the bus, and embarked onto a 9 hour Journey to Batal.
Niyati Mavinkurve
8. Travelling by Local HRTC Buses:To reach my campsite, I took the local Himachal Road Transport Corporation buses. Even if you don’t have anywhere particular to go to, these buses are a great way to find out about the way everyone in Himachal travels. The buses are compact and oftentimes crowded, but the experience is worth it.
mayur saikia
Ohh ya how can I forget this place. After all I got down from the bus after 16 hours of my journey, which started from Delhi. Huh it was a bit painful, though I enjoyed it for the very first time.
Samantha Mascarenhas
In the evening we headed to the Bus depot for our overnight bus journey to Delhi. Here do not forget to pick up the local himachali dish Sidu from the tea shop in the Municipal market, it is just behind the bus stand.