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Alexander Point

Unlike most of the other lookout points, this point is at a close proximity from where tourist resorts are and thus easy to reach early in the morning. Early mornings are the best time to enjoy the enchanting beauty of the sceneries around and also go for a walk along the thick greenery starting from Bombay House. The fresh air and green views are sure not only to impress you but cure you of all stress that you cane here with. Alexander Point is a clean and beautiful place and thus a personal favorite of many.
Shalini Garnaik
And finally the Alexanders point. There were no proper restaurants just small stalls to have lunch and we enjoyed it. Be aware of monkeys, never carry food in hands they are very likely to snatch it.After a while you can start feeling all the places look the same :D .We could feel the clouds walking beside us and it started to rain luckily we had umbrellas.
Alexander point : Migratory birds flying freely in the close racing sky; sun rays dancing on the trees; lush landscapes with ravishing highways edged by the royal-ish mansions, and hardly a sign of technology - these are some of the promising views that the Alexander Point offers to the tourists. Forgetting binoculars here would be a sin as the view of the vantage points like Palasdhari Lake, Garbut Point, Rambaug Point, Chowk Point and Borgaon Village is fabulous. What adds to its fame is the breathtaking view of the deep valley from the cliff.Trek to Chanderi caves : A grand mountain range that extends to a height of about 800 meters, Chanderi is located on the way to Karjat from Badlapur and you can witness the stunning the landscape.
The Wandering Wolf
After Walking through the Woods., it was funny when my friend asked Who was Alexander? And the answered, " He was Student from Xavier's who came here for holidays". About This Point; It's located in the woods with a perfect view of the Valley, and Rambaug Point towards the Right. Nature had taken a shower when we reached and showing off itself with the wind.
Ankita Misra
This place is good enough for sunset and sunrise view. One gets to get the view of almost all that there is to see in matheran, mainly, the lakes, the dam, borgaon etc. Trekking or horse riding is the only two ways to get there.
Nathan Fichardo
This point in Matheran is absolutely beautiful and enjoyable for nature lovers. It is a 15 minute walk from the main street of Matheran but the scenery visible at the point is just worth the walk.