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Charlotte Lake

Charlotte Lake, also spelt as ‘Sharlott Lake'is one of the extremely most magnificent and graphic places found in the beauteous city of Matheran, positioned 1 KM from Matheran. The angelic Charlotte Pond seems extremely ostentatious and gorgeous particularly in damp season. Furnishing since the prime source of normal water for Matheran and the surrounding location, the Charlotte Pond also exerts as probably the most salient and important picnic spot of the Slope Resort. An traditional and archaic forehead dedicated to Master Pisarnath lies to the best of the river as the 2 most distinguished vantage points Echo Stage and Louisa Stage flank the Charlotte Pond on their left.
Once you get all your senses back, fuel yourself up with the amazing food at this hotel, and plan your day/s ahead. The Charlotte Lake is very close to the property, and so is the Echo point. There are a few easy hiking trails around, where you wouldn’t mind if you were to lose your way.
Shalini Garnaik
Next we went to Charlotte lake, the place was heavily crowded,So we moved on to the next spot i.e. Porcupine point.
Charlotte Lake : 1.8km from the Matheran railway station.The lake is set amidst the densely forested area, sprawls out with a dam at one end and the Pisarnath temple at the other. Also, from the lake, one can see get to see the view of the famous vantage point of Matheran - Echo Point and Louisa Point. The best time to visit its mesmerising beauty is monsoon as this is when you can see the shadow of the scenic view of the mountain dancing on the lucid water of the lake.