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Neral-Matheran Toy Train

Neral - Matheran Road connects Neral to Matheran.
Priyanshi Singhal
We headed down via Matheran which is down trek for another hour and took the shared taxi for Neral. My empty stomach couldn't wait for another second and so we had lunch and boarded the local from Neral.Trek 1: Less crowded and beautiful. Check .Basic informationHow to reachRoute from Pune: Pune- Bhivpuri RoadRoute from Mumbai: Take local for Karjat. Step down at Bhivpuri RoadBest time to trekMonsoons are the best time to visit here as you can see waterfalls and streams of waters flowing.Difficulty LevelIt is beginners trek .Time to ReachIt takes 4 hours to reach to the top and then you can trek down to matheran in an hour .From matheran you take sharing taxi for neral station which takes another half an hour.Its a weekend / Day trek. One can return the same day or if you wish to stay at the top you need to stay in village or carry a tent.What to carryMake sure you wear something light and loose because sometimes you might have to take the big steps to climb and jeans won't allow to do that.Carry sufficient water - Make sure you carry water specially when if you are not doing monsoon trek.Food - Carrying snacks, fruits and energy bars is always the good idea while trekking. You never know when you might need them.Sunscreen - If you don’t want to get tanned.
The Wandering Wolf
You'll have two option; 1. Take a Toy Train to Matheran (During rain it'll be closed) 2. Hire a cab (they'll charge you Rs. 70/- per person) But trekking has its own charm. Instead of these; hire an auto who'll drive you about 4 km at Rs 40/- per person, and do trekking for the Remaining 4KM upto the Parking Lot up on the Hill Top. What you'll See? Nature at its best. and the Waterfalls on the way.., which you don't wanna miss at any cost.