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Chauli Ki Jali

It is a hotspot for adventure lovers and rock climbers, located behind Mukteshwar temple, it has a deep mythological significance attached to it, as it is said that a Goddess a Demon fought a battle here.
Avantika Chaturvedi
Located behind the cliff of Mukteshwar Temple, it takes a small walk through the trees to reach this place. According to Hindu myhtology, it is believed that if a barren woman crosses the hole in the rock of Chauli ki jali during shivratri, she will be blessed with a child.
Sonalika Debnath
Locally referred to as Chauthi Jali, an hour and a half away from the Dyo, these dizzying overhanging cliffs are cloaked in Hindu mythology. Supposedly, a celestial battle was fought here; the remnants of which –hazy outlines of a sword and a shield – are etched onto the rock formations. Frequently thronged by devotees and curious tourists, Chauli ki Jali subjects you to breathtaking vistas of the Kumaon valley and offers a glut of hair-raising experiences such as zip-lining, rock climbing and rappelling.
Kshitiz Goliya
Our first stop in the morning was the famous Chauli ki Jaali, situated behind the famous Mukteshwar Mahadev temple. Although not religious, I decided to give the temple a try anyways. My friend dropped me to the temple and we had a maggi together before he went off to his business. I climbed up the stairs to the small temple, which offers a great view of the mountains. It was very quiet and the sound of the mountain winds could be easily heard, swaying tree branches and bells. There was no sound of any human or vehicle.
Vaibhav Chakraborty
The overhanging clips of Chauli ki Jali provided us with the adventures and nerve reckoning activities.