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Cafe Mondegar

Located near the Colaba Causeway in Mumbai, the Café Mondegar is an absolute urba café. They serve mostly oriental and continental food and the ambience is a hit among everyone. The décor is awesome with all the walls filled richly with Mario paintings and cute cartoons on top of the Mario Cartoons. Lunch time is best to go as the dinner hours are jampacked. They offer free wifi during the day and the service is also good. It is therefore a perfect place for both alcohol and non- alcohol lovers.
Ankit Saxena
I have always loved trying new cuisines and new restaurants. So, this liking of mine, this time, took me to the very famous Cafe Mondegar Mumbai, which is located in Metro House in Colaba Causeway and is just 450 m from the Gateway of India.During my trip from Jabalpur to Bangalore, I had a stopover of five hours. So, I thought to use it wisely and took a tour to very famous Gateway of India and had a delicious lunch at Cafe Mondegar.You can read the blog about my journey to Gateway of India here.Cafe Mondegar, established in the year 1932, is one of the oldest and most iconic bars and restaurants of Mumbai. It, also, is the first restaurant, which houses a jukebox.I have visited Leopold Cafe twice and found it quite good, but not excellent. I felt it is a little overhyped. So, I thought to try something new but special. After a little bit of research and taking the help of locals, I found Cafe Mondegar.Cafe Mondegar is in the same lane as of Leopold Cafe. Once you enter the Cafe Mondegar, you will be welcomed by one of the staff, which will guide you to your table. As I was alone, he offered me to take the table located in the corner from where I can see the whole cafe clearly.After getting my table, I took a complete view of the cafe and found it a little congested. However, the two walls, one adjacent to the main entrance and another opposite to the main entrance are beautifully painted with cartoon characters. One wall boasts the mesmerizing life of Mumbai and the other depicts the scenes of the cafe.
Tanya Jain
Why Cafe Mondegar falls in a list where I am describing Mumbai more as a cultural hub? The reason is with the trending and emerging cafe culture in modern cities, Cafe Mondegar carries a legacy. It is not just a cafe, it's a living history serving people since pre-partition days. It is the very place which started the culture of recreation and rejuvenation over a mug of beer. You don't get a table here, for it is hugely crowded and has a long waiting. But every moment is worthwhile when you step into a youthful vibrant environment. Cafe Mondegar also offers its merchandise which is a must buy both as a souvenir and as a gesture for the love it is going to offer.