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Evening and early morning.
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October to March
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Gillbert Hill (Gaondevi Mandir)

Gaondevi Mandir is one of the two temples built atop the Gilbert Hill, a 61-metre high monolith structure in the Andheri West area of Mumbai formed over 60 million years ago from the deposition of moldten lava. It is in the danger of getting collapsed due to the unplanned erection of buildings here. The Gaondevi Temple is on top of this hill can be accessed by taking stairs that have been carved out the rock. The beautiful temple, made all in white, is dedicated to Goddess Durga and also has a garden with lush green grass. It's a perfect place for peace seekers in the heart of the bustling city. The views of the whole city in a complete panorama is ideal for some nice clicks too.
Edwina D'souza
Gilbert Hill is as old as ‘The Age of the Reptiles’ dating 65 million years. It is made up of black basalt rock columns that were a result of molten lava that got squeezed from the Earth’s clefts. Gilbert Hill is often compared to the Devils Tower in Wyoming and the Devils Postpile National Monument in Eastern California. This also translates that these 3 monuments are the only one of a kind in the world. We tried to find the entrance to climb the hill and reach the Gaondevi Durgamata temple atop when we were informed by a local that the entrance is a separate route, altogether. So, we clicked a few camera shots and headed on our route to reach the entrance gate from where we could climb Gilbert hill. Climbing the steps to Gaondevi temple was a bit underwhelming, as we were expecting more steps to climb. Roads, although not in good shape, but are present leading you almost half way to the hill. This leaves you with very little steps to climb. Once atop, the view is amazing. The expanse of Mumbai suburbs can be seen in a 360 degree view. Buildings, clustered slums, green open grounds, clear blue sky and a sunrise or sunset view (depending on the time of your visit) is what you can expect, positively.