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Haji Ali Mosque

This is a mosque which was constructed in 1431 and is an extremely popular one on the city of Mumabi as well as the whole world. It is said that whoever comes and prays here whole heartedly gets the blessings of the lord no matter what caste and religion you belong to. The magical charm and peace of this place makes you come here again and again. There was once a very wealthy merchant named Sayeed pir haji Ali Shah Bukhari who left all his wealth and desires before he went on Haj from Bukhari in present day Uzbekistan. He is said to have travelled continuously till the middle of the 15th century when at last he settled in Mumbai. One day he saw a lady on the road sitting with an empty vessel and crying badly. On being asked by him, the lady replied that her husband will thrash her when she reaches home as she had dropped all the oil she had bought on the road. The peer asked her to take him to the spot where she had dropped the oil and then he just touched the mud and the oil came back to the vessel the lady was bolding. Later that night the peer had a dream in which lord appeared and told him that he was very angry with his deed. This is when the peer out of remorse fell ill and instructed his followers to carry his coffin till the Arabian Sea and on the way he died. Surprisingly after his coffin was floated, it came back and got stuck around the islets near the shore. This is where the haji Ali Dargah was constructed about 500 meters away from the Worli Coast. The Qawwalis or the religious songs sung here by Muslim artistes are soulful and magically refreshing.