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Mahalakshmi Race Course

This is an old racecourse in Central Mumbai just beside the Mahalaxmi Railway Station. This is the most beautiful racecourse of Maharashtra given the lush greenery and oval shape of it. The main activity that is carried on here is horse racing but the locales and visitors also have free access inside during mornings and evenings. This is also the reason for which this is an ideal place for walks and early morning workouts for people who like to exercise in the open early in the morning.
Bharti Singh
UQ: 4 Located at the Mahalaxmi Race Course, Gallops has the most picturesque view that the city can offer. The green vines on the walls, the white flowers in the lush green garden and the rule that makes it compulsory to switch off your mobile phone while the race is on (yup.. that’s right!!), are just some of the few things that sets the restaurant apart. The place isn’t as expensive as it looks, in fact it’s pretty reasonable when compared to some of the other restaurants located in the same area.