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24 Hrs.
City walk


Mahim is a well known famous ares in Mumbai.
Rohan Pandya
11:20am - Fish Market, Mahim: There is a narrow lane by the side of the road, which leads to a giant fish market. There are ladies yelling the fish prices and varieties, and the customers are yelling back their orders. I can't bear the stench and wonder how these people can survive in the same for the whole day. However, routine instils habits.
Rohan Pandya
10:25am - A Sky-walk, Mahim: As I walk along the road, I see a vast ground on my right with boys enthusiastically playing cricket. I climb over a sky-walk to get the full-view, along with a faint view of
Rohan Pandya
10:15am - Slums, Mahim: Mahim is known for housing Asia's largest slum, Dharavi. As I'm walking along the road after entering Mahim, I can see a glimpse of it. There is a strange silence. The narrow lanes are quiet, but the houses have a lot to say.