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Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum

The house of diamond merchant, who was also a supporter of the Indian National congress Revashankar Jhaveri is where gandhiji used to put up during his visits to Mumbai. This very house has been turned into the Mani Bhavan Museum. This place is just beside the August Kranti Maidan where the Quit India Movement of 1942 was launched. In this house museum you will find paintings, framed letters and documents that serve a look into the past. There are also 3D tableux of the events of the life of Mahatma Gandhi. The famous spinning wheel (Charkha) and the Charpoy is also present inside the museum. The books you will see here includes a lot of Tolstoys and Shakespeare which were read by the Father of the Nation. Well preserved copies of Mahatma's favorite 'Les Miserables' are also kept in the museum.