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September to May
6:30 AM - 10 PM
Spiritual Excursion & Sightseeing
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Mumbadevi Temple

Mumbadevi Temple is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The presiding deity is the local Goddess known by the name of Mumbā. It is estimated that the temple was built in the year 1675. Due to its religious significance, the temple is visited by many tourists daily. Tourists can find many stalls and vendors outside Mumbadevi Temple, selling spiritual accessories like bracelets, rings, Rudraksha malas and more. Visitors can also buy souvenirs like photographs of Gods and Goddesses, incenses and Lingams. Despite having an ordinary structure, the temple has become a major landmark in Mumbai. Mumba Devi Temple is easy to reach. You can board a local train from Charni Road Station and Churchgate Station to Bhuleshwar. Cab service is also available to reach the temple. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is at a distance of 24 km from Mumbadevi Temple Mumbai via Western Express Highway.
Neha Inaskar
And here you can find a temple in the midst of these lively streets – the Mumba Devi temple. The goddess after whom the ancient name of the city changed i.e. from Bombay to Mumbai. The name Mumbai is derived from the goddess, ‘Mumba’, the patron deity of the Kolis, the earliest inhabitants of the island. And yeah how can you forget the political pressure to change the name from Bombay to Mumbai as Bombay gives a British colonial taste as per our politicians. Politics apart whether it is Bombay or Mumbai, it doesn’t matter; because the very essence of this city lies within itself and this is none other than the people living in the city.