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Pedder Road

Pedder Road is officially known as Dr. G. Deshmukh Marg is the former name of a busy arterial road in South Mumbai passing through the affluent Cumballa Hill neighborhood. It was named after Mr. W. G. Pedder, Municipal Commissioner.
Arushi Dutt
On Peddar Road, you're going to have to climb up the steep roads, right before the all women's institute: Sophia's College. There at the corner, you'll know right from the wonderful aroma that the piping, hot dosas await. Make your way to the Dosa Centre near the college.
Rohan Pandya
1:55pm - Pedder Road: From Haji Ali, with aching legs, I turn towards Pedder Road, which brings the end nearer. I have 6 more km left before I can reach the end of my journey.