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Sassoon Dock

This is one of the oldest docks of Mumbai and one of the very few that are still open for public. The dock is located just near the Cuffe Parade and presently also one of the largest fish markets in the city. This was built in 1875 on a reclaimed piece of land by David sassoon & Co. and was owned and managed by Albert Abdullah David Sassoon. The nearby landmarks from here are the Mumbai Port Trust, Offices of the fishery department and the Oyster Rock which is an island off the Mumbai coast.
On the way back to the hotel we found ourselves in the midst of some street markets and one of the smaller slums ( Apollo Bandar I think) dotted along the seafront and near Sassoon Docks. At first I felt uncomfortable being in the slum, however no-one seemed to mind and gave us friendly smiles as we walked by. The children seemed to find the white man in his short brimmed jungle hat and the ginger white lady very amusing. A chorus of 'Hello, how are you?' followed us up the road. After a much needed power-nap, we were peckish again by 4pm. Jet-lagged and still finding our way we opted for the easy option and popped back to Leopolds rather than wandering the streets looking for somewhere else. We were seated in the upstairs bar and had a delicious meal of very spicy mushroom hakka and mixed vegetable masala with rotis, it was delicious. Being a touristy location through the prices weren't cheap (by Indian standards) but was very good nonetheless. Next stop was a little store for Andy to buy some light weight jeans to fit in better with the locals, as the men don't tend to wear shorts in the street here. All the jeans were extra long and needed shortening, so once purchased we visited a little tailors stand on the side of the street, Andy was measured and we left the jeans to be shortened. We needed to book flights to Goa for a few days time. Thinking it would save us finding somewhere to print tickets if we booked them ourselves online we decided to go to a tourist agency whilst Andy's jeans were shortened, cue scam number 2. They ended up costing us good £20 GBP more each than if we'd done it ourselves. Oh well, lesson learnt.
sneha shenoy
A trip to Bombay is not complete without a look at the city's original inhabitants - the Koli fisher folk. Take a taxi & head to the Sasoon Docks, as the morning catch comes in around 7am. You will witness colourful fishing boats that head back to land with their fresh catch. Watch huge blocks of ice crushed and loaded onto the boats; or observe large groups of colorfully dressed women and girls sitting around monumental piles of shrimp, removing the shells. Walk past a crazy, chaotic but fully energetic Fish market that will give you a sense of Mumbai’s traditional occupation and culture.