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Company Garden

It is developed by the municipality of Mussourie, with boating and other facilities. An excellent place to be with family & friends. It has a huge variety of flora and fauna and also has a beautiful waterfall installed.
The company garden located in Mussorie is one of the best gardens I have visited over the years. The entry ticket is Rs. 25, and at the entry, there are also various shops for buying items such as rugs and blankets, dresses, etc.Inside the garden, there are also attractions such as a Horror house which can be enjoyed at extra charge. There is also a small waterfall made inside the garden, which is generally thronged by tourists who visit the garden. The garden has plenty of different flowers in terms of nature, which makes the surrounding area immensely beautiful.At the top end of the garden, there is also a nursery from where you can buy plants to be taken back home. They also have transformed an old Maruti car into a ladybug and decorated it with various plants and flowers. It looked amazing. Please note that the garden can get extremely chilly during winters; hence, it is essential to carry thick warm clothing. The temperature can easily have a difference of 3 to 4 degrees compared to outside the garden.But all in all, this is a fantastic place to visit, especially if you are on a family trip. Highly recommended !!!
Gaurav Andhansare
We then visited the Company Garden, which is not very far from Kempty Falls. It is a picinic location just 3km from the Mall road. Entry fees is Rs.25 per person which you pay at the gate. It is basically a huge garden area with fountains, a smaller replica of the Kempty, greenhouse having a variety of colorful flowers and a few amusement park rides for children. It also has a restaurant where you can have snacks or even lunch. After spending a couple of hours, clicking pictures and having few snacks, we came back to our hotel.
The Company Garden in Mussoorie makes for a perfect spot to spend quality time together with your family and friends. you'll find beautiful fountains, dense greenery, colourful birds, and different types of flowers while taking a walk around the garden.
9. Shrub Mansoor is the inspiration behind the nameEvery name has a story and the same is true for Mussoorie. The name of this place is inspired from the shrub called mansoor that existed in Himalayas primordially.
Preity Yadav
Next on the list was this beautiful garden around 3 KMs from Mall Road. There is a rickshaw stand right next to the Gun Hill Ropeway where you can get a rickshaw ride to the garden and back for 200 bucks. It’s better to reserve a rickshaw as it will be a little difficult to find a ride from the garden back to Mall road. The garden is full of beautiful flowers, fountains and a waterfall inside. There is also a big canteen inside where you can enjoy lunch with friends and family. Overall, it’s a good picnic spot to chill and relax.Note: If you are short of time then I would rather suggest to visit the most talked about place of the town, Kempty falls and you can give this place a miss. I had ample amount of time so I visited Kempty falls the other day.