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Kalsang Friends Corner

Located in Dehradun this restaurant offers authentic Tibetan, Thai and Chinese cuisine.
Megha Dasgupta
So, it was getting dark and I had to visit this last place which was recommended to me a number of times by one of my close friend; and of course when I checked its review on the TripAdvisor -it was on number one position for must visit places in Mussoorie. The place was - 'Kalsang'- an authentic Chinese restaurant. I was full up to the brim but I had to visit this place. Upon entry I realized there was no other place left except a six seater table on the first floor. I occupied that table and ordered a Thupka - a Tibetan noodle soup. The wait for my order was quite pleasant. Since the entire ambiance inside the restaurant was an intro to the Tibetan world- low dim red lights, Chinese lanterns, Chinese or Tibetan music (I could not recognize) and my happy mood..:). I started scribbling short notes in my pad and other stuff. The thupka came out to be wonderful as expected. I noticed people who have visited this place have written some words or sentences on a piece of a napkin which was kept on the table covered with a glass sheet. So, in honour of this tradition I too wrote some lines and handed to the waiter before leaving this wonderful place.
Sneha Basu
Kalsang's serves Tibetan and Chinese food. For starters, we ordered Chicken Shabaley, a succulent chicken filling with a fried exterior and Chicken Cheese steamed momos which melted in our mouth. For main course, we had Choupsey, both non-veg and veg. The quantity and taste were both worth every penny we spent. Cost: Rs. 1800 for 7 people, including 4 vegetarians.After filling our stomach almost to the brim, we head to Mussoorie Sweet Shop for some hot Hot Gulab Jamun, Jalebi and Rabri. We also visited the Bengali Sweet Shop on the way for Rasmalai.Our hotel was close to the Mall road, and private vehicles are not allowed onto the Mall road till 10. We then headed to the parking spot to bring our bikes in after paying around Rs.100 per bike.
Sonam Singh
Done with our starters, we decided to have our lunch at Kalsang Friends Corner - a two-storeyed Tibetan themed restaurant offering lip-smacking momos and a variety of options on the menu. Won't lie but this was the best momo experience ever. Ordered flat mutton noodles, chicken momos, and fruit beer. In our quest to find the perfect closure, we landed up at Cafe De Tavern to enjoy a warm brownie and coffee. This wooden joint is at the end of the mall road. It had a wide selection to choose from - what caught our eyes was the special Pahari dishes they offered.We ended our food journey at the Himalayan Herbs to digest our food with a hot cup of ginger honey green tea. Refreshing and much needed.All this in just 6 hours and proving to be a lot better than doing all the touristy stuff. We still missed out on a lot of good places we wanted to go to - Cafe By the Way ( looked pretty interesting and cute from outside), Doma Inn ( heard it's next to Ruskin Bond's house), Lovely Omelette ( how many times we crossed this one, but had no space in our tummy to relish it's world best cheese omelette).Of course, we did pick some pretty warm shawls from the streets and a pre-signed Ruskin Bond book from the Cambridge Book Depot ( heard he comes there to sign the books every weekend from 3-5pm). 6 hours spent on the Mall Road was worth every calorie consumed!Tell us all the other lovely places we missed out; would surely come back to hog again!
The best place to have Momos.