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Chamundeshwari Temple

Chamundeshwari Temple is an architectural marvel located at a distance of 13 km from Mysore. The marvellous temple exists atop the revered Chamundi Hills which are associated with Hindu mythology. It is also considered a Shakti Peeth. The temple is rich in history, as the original structure of the temple was constructed in the 12th century, and since then, it has undergone some renovations. Chamundeshwari Temple is home to one of India's biggest statues of Lord Shiva's Bull, Nandi. The temple is sprawled across a vast area, and there is a wide parking space available as well. Festivals like Navratri and Ashada Shukravara are celebrated with great splendour at the Temple. During the festival of Mysore Dasara, the temple shines in all its glory. Countless devotees visit Chamundeshwari Temple every day.
Monica Dinesh Kumar
Once satisfied with the stomach filling breakfast went to catch a bus In order to visit the famous, one among the 18 maha Shakthi peethas-  The Chamundeshwari temple nestled atop of the Chamundeshwari hills.It's history backs to puranic times after Lord Vishnu cut Sati's Body into 51 parts by his sudarshan chakra so as to protect the world from imbalance due to Shiva's sorrow after Sati had killed herself by jumping into the yagya kunda, it is said that her hair had fallen in this region turning this into one of the Maha Shakthi peetha.. called krouncha pithaThis temple being the symbol of victory for good over the evil is also believed to be dedicated to Goddess Chamundi after killing 2 demons chand & MundThere is also a statue of Mahishasura, a demon  who was killed by goddess Chamundi at the same spot on the hill where he was killed.Time required: 20 - 60mins depending on crowdSpecial darshan also availableCost: ₹30 / ₹100 Location: Chamundeshwari Hills
Soumita Das
Chamundeswari Temple is located in the Chamundi Hills and is quite popular. You can either book a cab locally or take the local bus to reach the hill top. We took our car and as I said it's hill top, one gets to enjoy the winding roads for some time but it's not hectic at all.
The Chamundeshwari Temple on top of this hill is the most famous temple in Mysore, since Goddess Chamundi or Chamundeshwari is the presiding deity of the city. This temple is about 13 kilometre from the city, and one can easily take a rickshaw or hire a cab to get here. Initially built as small one, this temple has become a renowned destination for pilgrims and tourists alike over the past few decades. While the place is crowded and mostly occupied by pilgrims and devotees, it represents the contrast and welcome concoction that is ever so evident - the Mysore Palace, the gardens and the food allures to the modern ardent traveller, while the majestic Chamundeshwari Temple attracts the old-school worshippers to the very same city!
Sushree Kanti
2. CHAMUNDI HILLS AND CHAMUNDESWARI TEMPLEAs we drove uphill to reach the Chamundeswari Temple atop The Chamundi Hills, I was unable to keep myself calm since I was in awe with the view of the whole city of Mysore! You could see the magnificent Mysore Palace being surrounded by many pucca houses and shops of the city.The most popular attraction is the Chamundeswari Temple with it’s tower built in typical Chola style having many carvings. You’ll come across a statue of Mahisasura before you walk the short distance from to the main entrance of the temple.On the way back to the town, there is a view point for those who love to have a bird’s eye view of the whole city of Mysore. Although, I along with my other co-passengers couldn’t get the chance to stop by, you can park your vehicle for a few minutes and check out the wonderful view.