Mysore Palace 1/17 by Tripoto
Rashmi Gopal Rao
Subhadeep Banerjee
Glamorous Palace
Juliet Kilo
This palace was built during the regime of Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV after old wooden palace was destroyed by accidental fire in the year 1897. Rupees 42 lakhs were spent on its construction which took 15 years for completion (1897-1912). Inside the palace are phenomenal 3D paintings and on the walls one can find the whole history painted artistically. On Sunday evenings, the palace is well lit up giving the onlooker a magnificent view.
Sreoshi Bakshi
The Palace of Mysore is a historical place in the Mysore city.
Aishwarya Venugopal
Without a visit the Mysore palace your trip to Mysore won't be complete. This palce is a poetry in architect made by a well known British architect by then. It ia mid of Hindu, Muslim and Raj put style if architecture. Inside the palace the walls will give you a treat of oil paintings depicting history and famous festivals and personalities of the royal family. You will get a chance to see this magnificent palace bathed in light once it is dark from outside. It is wondrous site to see and experience.
Vinay Nagaraju
The Mysore Palace or The Amba Villas Palace, is the biggest Palace in Mysore, still inhibited by the descendants of the Wodeyar family. The Mysore palace flaunts a enviable architecture that is a strange, yet glorious mix of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput and Gothic Styles. Built in the 14th Century it was demolished and rebuilt in 1840 with the help of a British Architect. This huge palace has a museum in it with various glorious artifacts of the royals on display.