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Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery

This road is famous is for the Hotel Castle Naggar. This is a beautiful castle turned into a holiday resort and is a prime place for holidayers. This is also a place where a number of Bollywood Movies have been shot. The huge rooms and luxurious treatment by the staff here make you feel like you are having the best time of your life here. The rooms give way to views of the Kullu Valley, Beas River and other beautiful locations. The food and facilities here are also A- class.
Neha Patel
At a distance of 21.5 km from Manali Bus Stand, 23.5 km from Kullu, 1.5 km from Naggar Castle, The Nicholas Roerich Museum is one of the prominent museums in and around Manali.Nicholas Roerich is a Russian artist arrived in the Himalayas after the revolution of 1917, where he died in the year 1947. He married to Helena Roerich and famous Indian actor Devika Rani is his daughter in law.The Nicholas Roerich art gallery was founded in 1962 by Svyetoslav Roerich, son of Nicholas Roerich. The building that now houses the gallery once served as the residence of Nicholas Roerich. Himachal Pradesh Government and Russian Government have formed a trust to run this art gallery as the Roerich Heritage Museum.Paintings of Kullu, Spiti and Lahaul made by the painter have been housed in the ground floor of the gallery. A great number of his works are preserved in museums all over the world. Most of the paintings show the beauty of ice covered valleys and peaks during early hours of evening.The artist's private rooms have been preserved in the upper floor of the museum. There are also a few photos of Nicholas on display here, such as the one in which he is posing in his front Lawn with Jawaharlal Nehru. The original work of Roerich on the Himalayas, along with his quotations and words of wisdom as well as those of the visitors and admirers of the gallery, have also been put on display here.
After breakfast, I decided to visit some nearby places. I took a walk approx 1.4km from our stay and reached a famous art gallery. The entry fee of the art gallery is 50Rs/person. You can walk through the gallery and enjoy the art there.To know more about the Niccoles art gallery please drop your comment below.There is a small tea stall nearby you can enjoy the famous Himachali food Siddu.
Travel Maniac
It was a packed day for all of us as we had so many things to explore. We all had an early start of the day and headed for our first destination, Nicholas Rioerich Art Gallery. As per history, Nicholas Roerich, a Russian settled here amidst the beautiful mountains and valley. He was fond of painting and his work is showcased in the house which previously served as his residence. The paintings were beautifully captured on his canvas and I am sure were the framed replica of the subject. The 180 degree view from this place was a total bliss.