Nakoda Bhairav Temple

Vipul Mehta
Nakoda Bhairav temple is a combined Hindu and Jain temple of Lord Bhairv and the Parsavanath, the Jain deity. This temple and its premises are huge and it is considered to be a Holy Temple for the Jain community. The architecture is quite beautiful with carvings on the temple walls. On most days you'll find a lot of people there. Lucky for us, we didn't find that much since we were in the mid of summer. The key feature of the temple is the statue of Lord Bhairav. It is a bright orange statue, about two and a half feet from chest to the head with clear face features including the lips and the nose, a black mustache on the upper lip and shiny white eyes with dark black pupils. The most striking feature of the statue are its eyes. Those eyes really look back at you! All in all, good place to go if you enjoy visiting temples.