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11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Shop and eat

Bengali Market

This is an upscale market which is located in the Tansen Marg. The market is known for the 3Fs which are food, flowers and food. The two main shops of the market are the Nathu Sweet Shop and the Bengali Sweet House. The feel of the market is a bit on the luxurious side and it mostly serves the up market locales of the place. Also sold here are typical Delhi snacks such as Bhature and golgappas.
One of the city’s most iconic market places {especially if you ask a foodie}, the market is a gold mine of cheap eats, Indian street food, and is considered a cultural hub, thanks to its proximity to all the major Delhi theaters. For a fulfilling meal, we strongly recommend Bengali Sweet House, and Indian staple and always incredible Nathu Sweets. Where: Off Barakhamba Road Price: Meal for one at Bengali Sweet House, between INR 350-500 Delhi is full of street food vendors, chai walas, and corner stores stocked high with Bantaa, lime soda and chuskis on every corner.