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Explore an important place is the sports history of India.
September - May
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Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium

The name was so given as the original fort was built by Feroze Shah Tughlaq and it is presently the home to the IPL Team Delhi Daredevils. It is the second oldest stadium of the country. The first match that was a test match held over here was in 1948 between India and West Indies. The most interesting records made here were by Anil Kumble against Pakistan when he took all 10 wickets for 74 runs in a single innings. The record created by Sunil Gavaskar to beat that of Sir Bradman was also made here. the biggest record was created by the Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar against Sri Lanka here.
Rishabh Kathuria
Reaching the stadium on the time was a challenge since traffic on the way is unavoidable in India. So instead of going all the way till the end by bus, I alighted on the 1st metro station I saw as I entered the city and rest of my journey till the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium was by metro which is the best mode of travel present in Delhi. Delhi was already out of the tournament and so all the supporters were cheering for Chennai in Delhi. But Delhi emerged victorious and the crowd started cheering for Delhi. That was funny. I on the other hand was the only one who Cheered for Mumbai and Sachin XD. So there ended my trip to Rishikesh.