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Indira Gandhi International Airport

Replacing the Safdargunj Airport that was built in 1930, The National Airport is the main when Delhi is concerned. This is also the only airport in the main city and is presently the 26th busiest airport in the world. According to records, it is the largest airport in India in terms of traffic and the 2nd largest in terms of cargo transportation. Before, the airport was under the sole authority of the Indian Air Force and presently the ownership and authority has been transferred upon the Airlines Authority of India. The cleanliness and hygiene of the airport is strictly looked after and timely renovations are made too. In terms of staff service, the quality is remarkably good. The food stalls and other stalls are of ace quality as well.
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Super worm moon after the equinoxThere was still a tiny of abeer left on my face, a tiny souvenir from Holi the previous day. I got underway to the airport before half-past four, and had checked in for my 6 am flight by 5. Reading the in-flight magazine, I serendipitously chanced upon an article for Bluetooth speakers, which are on my to-buy list.
" Places and people are best known only when you visit or interact with them. "It takes 41 hrs of train journey but wait I reach their by flight in 6 hrs via Bangalore, otherwise their is 3 hrs direct air journey. By including Bangalore if you are guessing that i am going to talk about ' South India. Then you are right or you had also guessed with the title.So lets start the journey, after a 6 hrs of journey via Bangalore to Manchester of India yes I am talking about Coimbatore, i reach to my first stop of my trip. A beautiful colorful place in Tamil Naidu and near to border of Kerala with colorful temples and people with sweet and salty- you will get to know why sweet and salty by the end of this blog.
Reaching Ladakh: –As all the flights for Leh leave before 11am. from Delhi, we being from Kolkata had to plan for an overnight stay in Delhi. We chose the last flight of the day at 10:40 am. Just after 30 to 35 minutes of take off the scenery below changed dramatically. Hoorah!! We were flying over hills, valleys and streams. First it was all clad in thick green hue. Slowly the scenery changed to snow clad peaks and glaciers. The next 1 hour was a lifetime experience. We all have heard of the unparalleled scenic beauty of the Manali- Leh route. But flying over those inaccessible realms of snow and frozen glaciers knowing you can never set foot on them gives you goosebumps.Nearly 15 minutes before landing the view below changes for the third time. The hills were devoid of any greenery and were looking unearthly. As if we were in a spacecraft hovering over some extra-terrestrial landscape. We never had the view of the leeward side of the Himalayas before. Soon we got a glimpse of the Leh airport and our excitement was nothing less than that of Mr. Neil Armstrong stepping on to the moon.
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