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Indira Gandhi International Airport

Replacing the Safdargunj Airport that was built in 1930, The National Airport is the main when Delhi is concerned. This is also the only airport in the main city and is presently the 26th busiest airport in the world. According to records, it is the largest airport in India in terms of traffic and the 2nd largest in terms of cargo transportation. Before, the airport was under the sole authority of the Indian Air Force and presently the ownership and authority has been transferred upon the Airlines Authority of India. The cleanliness and hygiene of the airport is strictly looked after and timely renovations are made too. In terms of staff service, the quality is remarkably good. The food stalls and other stalls are of ace quality as well.
And hence, we reached back delhi.A trip which will always stand first in my memory lane. Who says Kashmir is a terrorist state. It is, but the God’s own place. You just need pure eyes to see its’ beauty.
I reached the airport before 3 AM, as I wanted to have some time at the airport for my ritual (I had made for myself) - buying a token from the airport. For every airport I would visit here onward, I will buy a token of that place and will add my own collection. Contrary to my expectation that I would have enough time at the airport, there was a long queue waiting for me! (you know why I had to stand in the long queue for security check - get your luggage scanned & then get your shoes scanned). And I entered the gate just 3 minutes before the closing time. But, I still managed to buy a token. In just 2 minutes, selected, paid, and then I just ran towards the gate.The first flying experience was just magnificent - when the plane took off, I felt a distinct joy! the sun above clouds looked sublime. I could not possibly describe how beautiful it looked. I just kept looking at it till it was not visible anymore. There was something else that I experienced - not something very pleasant, though - I felt there was a sudden blockage in my ears and it seriously hurt a lot.
I took my flight to Kuala Lumpur from IGI Airport, Delhi.The flight (Air Asia) costed me 20k INR (295 $).
Animesh Sood
On Day 1 of our trip, we boarded our flight from Indira Gandhi Airport to Paris. I personally chose Turkish airlines since being a part of Star Alliance, I could accumulate some Miles on my Air India Frequent Flyer number.
Pallavi Navale
We boarded our flight to Delhi on the night of 24th June. Could've flown to Chandigarh, yes, but we had decided to make this a "budget" trip, hence the cheaper ticket among the two. ;) Landed in Delhi quite well into the midnight, no cabs in sight to take us to Chandigarh and no option but to wait for a bus.
Anand Michael
Then we boarded into Chennai Flight with loads of memories to carry.Flight Ticket will cost you 3000INR to 4000INR , book as earlier as possible to get it in cheap rates.
Sejal Goyal
My first sort-of-solo Europe trip was about to end way before it started. We were all packed to leave and decked up at the airport only to find out one of ours ticket was invalid. My best friend and I, both 22, didn't know what we had signed up for.That's how our 16 day long Europe trip started. With a bang.With inputs from a lot of close friends who'd gone to Europe for Exchange programs and a lot of research and revisions later, we landed up on our very own innovative itinerary:13th - Delhi to Rome via Sri Lankan Airlines - Fare - 16,00014th - 15th - Rome & Vatican City16th morning - Rome to Budapest via Wizz Air16 - 17th - Budapest18th morning - Budapest to Prague via Train (6 hours)20th evening - Prague to Barcelona via British Airways - Fare - 600023rd evening - Barcelona to Porto via Vueling Airlines26th - Porto to Lisbon via Bus (4 hours)29th - Lisbon to Delhi - KLM + Jet Airways - Fare - 26,000
December 31 2016, last day of year. The very next day was the new year, new resolution, new challenges and new opportunities. For me it was a new country, new land, new people and new language. I was at the IGI Airport New Delhi and was excited and nervous at the same time. I was sitting there at the corner of a chair and was watching outside. It was the time, I could hear the echo. The sky was being celebrated for the new born of a new year. I was alone there waiting for boarding announcement and so were the other passengers. It is the silence of the moments making us realize that things are not that bad as they look. A three year old girl was playing in front of me, trying her best to pick up a big ball. I kept myself busy watching her. Once in a while, she laughed looking at me. I had no options, so I did play with her for sometime. I was not alone any more. The next thing I remember was, I boarded the flight, fell asleep and woke up in a new land.
It was the last day for us at Kausani and we had to start for New Delhi Airport soon we hired the same cab driver  for our return towards Kathgodam Railway Station and accordingly we left Kausani. One of the memorable trips we ever had. Please do drop in your messages in comments section below, I will definitely get back to you. Your comments are most welcome. Keep travelling and spread the love and do promote tourism. Thanks and Regards.
Vivek Garg
First day full excitement to reach Goa from Delhi
We reached 1 hour late from the scheduled time in Delhi and It was 10.01 when we left delhi airport. The temp out her was pleasant. A word of caution, call ur taxi half an hour late from ur arrival or else ull be charged double for a single minute abv half an hour time slot.Parking Charges at Delhi Airport – upto 30 Min = Rs. 80 above 30 Min – Rs. 180
Charandeep Singh
In whole it was an amazing trip and all thanks to Ayasha , Tamesh , Ishan , Rohit & Suzene . i had my first and the best group trip i ever will have . I thanked God to have made me meet these cool crazy bunch of people . Finally it was an amazing journey where i went alone and came back with 4 real friends and so many memories to cherish throughout my life time . I would say i am blessed to have found these 4 people in Qatar who will be my friends for life and i can say #SwipeRightToTravel is an amazing way to connect with unknown people who can be best of friends for life . #Qatar #Tinder #SwipeRightToTravel #Friends #Life #SBK #SuperBike 
Charandeep Singh
Traveling in a group is always kind of mysterious , you never know who you travel with , who you will meet and how will you all mix up as a group .
Chaitali Nagda
Day 4, alvida time, we reached the restaurant first for breakfast and enjoy it a little quickly. We wanted to rush to avoid any hindrances to reach Delhi for our flight at 7:30..It was along Journey of 8-9hrs and we started sharply by 9...On the way we enjoyed some sarson de keth wale pics, Lunch at Haldiram with some amazing delicacies of north. Once we were nearing Delhi the adventure couldnt leave us, we were caugth in the trap of traffic and then for almost one hour everybody was just praying to get at airort on time and finally with the help of Google we reached airport on time...We reached Mumbai and left for our houses with a feeling of it just ended so soon, However we have fixed the destiantion for our next visit...its UDAIPURRR.....;)Who are we 4-..............I am Chaitali, Yes Married! and a Professional CA..!! A travel freak, Loves to meet new people around, Hardworking, sincere honest and loyal...too good to be...Likes making friends, already has amazing bunch of friends too...this is my first write-up and i am hoping it to be liked..Monal Shah- A Professional Physiotherapist, Currently learning some difficult moves of life and She Loves small simple things, cares for friends till the end, to travel the world with her besties and her soulmate..Shweta Trivedi- A HR Professi0nal- Facing life positively as it comes is an USP of hers. She is an honest person, and lives life like an open book, she loves to travel and so she is on our trips.Shwetanka Mishra- A Professinal Pharmacist- A amazing business woman..she is my best friend and a soulmate too..;)...She is loyal, caring, and may be a less logical, and is currenlt enjoying her bachelor life with work.
Ashutosh Sharma
I did this trip with 4 of my cousins. At first the plan was to explore Goa together but then the plan was changed and made more interesting,we all decided that instead of exploring the place in a group we should travel solo in this beautiful city of joy. We all went together till the Dabolim international airport Goa and then separated. Now getting to the main travel
Disha Kapkoti
But what's different this time?* Challenge 1: The long travel record of travelling without an itinerary ends here and now. I'll be travelling for the next 6 days following an interesting itinerary for this Media FAM trip to Bangkok – Phetchaburi – Prachuap Khirki Khan.*Challenge 2: I'm solo no more. It made the introvert inside me sob just a little but moving on, I'm curious about the places, people and most importantly, the FOOD.*Challenge 3: Get ready for instant stories straight from the road. I'll be using the Tripoto app to update my stories and photographs each day as I travel and publish on the final day. At this moment, I have a packed bag waiting for me and I LEAVE IN THE NEXT 20 MINUTES.
Jaswanth Jagadeesh
Jaswanth Jagadeesh
I picked my Zoomcar - Mahindra Scorpio from here
Ruchi Jain
After leaving from Khatu on the second day, we headed toward Delhi from where we started. Our flight was at 9 in the night so we had ample of time. We reached the airport around 6 and by 11:30 I was back to home in Mumbai.
Nitish Thapliyal
I had burger and coffee at the Delhi Airport which was too costly,but I managed to buy it as I was feeling hungry at that moment.