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8:00 AM – 11:00 AM
palace tour, relax in the garden around, dig into the typical Delhi breakfast delicacies of Jalebi and puri. Beware of pickpockets as the area gets very crowded at times. The nearest metro station is the Chhatarpur Metro station
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Jahaz Mahal

Located at the end of the famous Mehrauli Area of New Delhi and just beside the Hauz-i-Khas is the Jahaz Mahal. the beautiful palace was named so as the reflection of it resembled the structure of a ship when seen in the reservoir opposite it. It is known to have been built during the Lodi rule around 1451- 1526 AD. The purpose of this architectural beauty is still unclear but according to sources it was either an inn for travelers from Middle and Far East or a leisure destination for the Mughal Rulers. Among the most remarkable features are the cenotaphs, tile work and blue tiling details on the walls of the palace. A part of the palace is now in ruins given repeated attacks and trials of encroachment. Whatever remains also makes nothing less than a perfect example of Islamic art and minute detailing. The intricate designs on the walls can leave any tourist in awe. The palace is surrounded by a very nice garden with lush green grass.
The Jahaz Mahal at Mandu gives the feeling of being on a ship.