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11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Shopping, photography More details: The nearest metro station is the Chandni Chowk.

Khari Baoli Road

This is the Asia’s largest spice market located in the Old Delhi area. This is a place full of colors and scope for photography. A number of businessmen in this wholesale market deal only in refined and raw spices. The most attractive spices that you will see here are the unrefined pink and black salts and the baby saffron strands that are rarely found. The businessmen here also deal in exotic spices which are hard to be found in departmental stores also. More than shopping this place has become a tourist attraction and people take souvenirs rather buying spices in regular quantities.
Srishti Mehta
Want to have a full sensory experience of color, texture, smell and taste of Delhi? Want to know Delhi’s history, culture and cuisine through its spices? Welcome to the biggest wholesale markets in Delhi and the world as well, on a street of Delhi called Khari Baoli.History says that the spice markets in Delhi started in the 17th century and has continued till date! This market is situated around Fatehpuri Masjid which was built in the year 1650 by Fatehpuri Begum, one of the wives of Shah Jahan. The name, Khari Baoli, has certain significance here – Baoli means a step well whereas Khari or Khara means salty. It was therefore a salty water step well used for bathing and for animals. But, that is history now, because none of them exist and it is here that the market stands. As you walk along the Khari Baoli Street, look here and there and notice a trade worth billions happening but it happens through shops which located in small alleys and bylanes which are hardly a meter wide. This also is one of the old wholesale market in Delhi.This is one of the only markets in Delhi which is as good as a spice den! From local to exotic spices, you’ll find it all here and that too in reasonable prices. The wind blowing over the Streets of Khari Baoli carry along with them a beautiful smell of these rich spices and suddenly you feel the flavor of Delhi standing amidst cramped lanes and tightly wreathed shops. It was only after watching the film ‘Mistress of Spices’ that I was excited to explore this flavorful street. Popularly it is a hub of spices but you’ll also find sweet and dry fruit shops all around the corner ready to fill you way beyond your stomach can bear but the taste buds just can’t get off the amazing flavor of these small yet filling snacks. Also Ayurvedic herbs and medicines are available here. They will appear to as fossils but are actually rare herbs and medicines which are actually very good remedies for certain diseases.Khari Baoli was certainly unlike the other fashion streets of Delhi but in case you want to take away packets of spices wrapped in silver airtight foil bags just so you could enrich your journey with India’s culture and flavor then this is your place. Come. Taste. Explore.Timings: Monday- Saturday, 10.30am- 7.30pm
Srishti Mehta
The Khari Baoli market, the biggest wholesale market in Delhi and the world, is as good as a spice den! From local to exotic spices, you’ll find it all here and that too in reasonable prices.Not only spices but sweets, dry fruits, Ayurvedic herbs and medicines are available here.