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Lado Sarai

Lado Sarai is a region in South Delhi, near by Saket metro station.
Himanshu Verma
Sandwiched in the layers of the first cities of Delhi (Lalkot and Mehrauli), the urban village of Lado Sarai offers easy access to built heritage from down the centuries. In recent years (post the sealing drive by the city authorities), it has also become an art hub, with art galleries mushrooming on the main street, along with furniture and carpet stores, and other creative practices. Our Lado Sarai walk starts with a terrace top brunch at the captain’s house, known infamously as Genda Mahal, the house of marigolds (some panoramic views promised). On the walk we discover tombs, some renovated, some crumbling, some encroached. Walk through the lanes of the village – old havelis, wells, the last few pastoral remains (cow sheds & more…), bustling markets… End the walk browsing art and design in the village, and a treat at the locally revered pizzeria cum cheese shop. Is this really Delhi’s SOHO? Mode of Commuting: Walk Meeting Point: Customized Timings: Customized