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11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
6:00 AM – 7:00 PM
A good place to relax during summer afternoons and also an ideal place for history buffs.
All year
Couples, Friends, Families, Solo
7 out of 370 attractions in New Delhi

Lodi Gardens

The morning walkers'paradise, this monument is underneath the supervision of Archeological Survey of India. This really is a critical place of heritage in the city whilst the pattern of architecture it follows is very little left in the country. This is a garden comprising of the tombs of famous rulers and is named after the Lodi Dynasty which was from the Afghan regions and ruled over Northern India and parts of Pakistan throughout the 15th century. The first ruler to be buried here was of Emperor Muhammad Shah by Alauddin Alam Shah. Probably the most famous of all the mausoleums is that of Sikander Lodi. He was a really able ruler and the hero who emerged after defeating Akbar the Great in the Battle of Panipat. The architecture of the tomb is unique with a mixture of Persian and Afghani architecture. The key mausoleum is in a very separate enclosure which can be further surrounded by beautiful lawns still well- maintained. the monument lies between the Khan Market and the Safdarjung Tomb.
Sreshti Verma
This 90-acre park right in the heart of Delhi is an old jaunt for Delhiites to get some sun on the weekends. Lodi Garden is located between Khan Market and the Safdarjung Tombs on Lodhi Road. The park has several quiet corners to relax at. If you love reading or listening to music alone on breezy evenings in Delhi, head to Lodi Garden and walk around the massive park until you find a peaceful spot for yourself.
Aarush Tandon
A great bunch of people nice conversations followed en-route to visit Lodi Gardens. I had never visited it before, I don't know the reason, all these years, yet I had never been there. Why had I discovered my city the least ? The thoughts came into my mind.It felt like a flashback to how the whole dynasty of the Lodi Empire had turned out be, marvellous architectural work could be seen. Tombs of all the major Lodi rulers could be witnessed.
Sreshti Verma
3. Lodi- The Garden Restaurant Situated in the beautiful Lodhi Gardens, Lodi- The Garden Restaurant is probably the most romantic spot in Delhi. In open air, around water and in the tranquil nature of a garden in the heart of the capital, Lodi is an absolute must for everyone!
Vinit Acharekar
Place of beautiful gardens and tombs of king from Lodi dynasty. Huge gardens placed in middle of crowded Delhi is a place of people who are trying to find peace.
Nikita Gothi
The monuments tell a story about Delhi and bring out the explorer in you. The gardens are huge and invite a lot of morning walkers and joggers. The birds are always a pleasure to watch.