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India Gate

Nishtha Nath
1. India Gate, DelhiStarting from the Central part of Delhi, India Gate is a site which is dedicated to 84000 soldiers of The British Indian Army, who laid their lives during World War I and the third Anglo-Afgan war between 1914 and 1921.Formerly known as the All India War Memorial is located alongside the Rajpath. More than 13000 servicemen's names including some British soldiers, are inscribed on the gate.Following the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, in 1972, a black marble, capped by a war helmet, known as the Amar Jawan Jyoti (The Flame of Immortal Soldiers) was erected. And since then, every Republic Day, the Prime Minister of the country, pays homage to the departed souls, followed by The Republic Day Parade.Time: No time restrictions, however, the best time to visit is between 7pm and 9.30pm when the gate is illuminated with the TricolorHow to Reach :By Air: Indira Gandhi International Airport (12kms) is the nearest air base to the monument. Public transport like bus, metro, and taxis are easily available for the location.By Train: The New Delhi Railway Station is 5kms away from the India Gate and requires approximately 30mins to reach the destination by bus.By Road: Being the capital of the country, it is well connected to all the major cities of the nation
Milind Prajapati
India Gate is a 42-metre tall war memorial built to pay tribute to the soldiers of the British Indian Army who died during World War I. There are beautiful lawns surrounding the monument and a splendid light show at the fountains. You should visit on the Republic Day as there is a parade there every year.
Satyaki Acharya
This was the day when I thought of visiting the India Gate. Now India Gate is one monument for which I got numerous punishments during school days for mixing it up everytime in examinations with Gateway of India, which is in Mumbai.
Avinash Stallone
Photo and the Story..This photo took me at least 10-15min to capture this moment & if you have visited India gate you know very well that you can't stand beside the road berries for long time,so, one policeman came & asked me what are you doing sitting down get up & go,I said,Sir, i am clicking Pictures , he replied, 'just go on the other side and click from there you can't be here and when i started walking , Policeman sir asked, by the way what are you clicking & i showed him this picture and he started calling some the policemen standing beside and he showed this photo to all of them & appreciated me for this picture and the timing & at that time i felt encouraged that what i am doing makes someone happy soo be it keep clicking .